Page Speed: What It Is, and How It Impacts SEO?

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In 2010, google revealed the notion that your page speed is directly proportional to your website rankings. It indicates the duration a user has to wait for the website to load entirely. According to a survey, an average e-commerce website takes almost 7 seconds to load. However, the fast ranking and a good website take only 2 to 3 seconds to load completely. The . may get your page on time, but if the page is slow, the SEO will be impacted.

Google revealed that page speed impacts your website ranking. Moreover, the load time if your website impacts the visitor’s experience. Moreover, Bad page speed can cause a lot of problems for you. If your target is to bring a lot of audience on your page, the load time will impact the website ranking.

When the page takes time to load, the visitor will go back form your website. Moreover, the speed of the page will have a significant impact on the SEO of your website and eventually gets down the ranking. The user experience will not only fall down on desktop but on other gadgets as well.

As a matter of fact, Google stated that the search result of the website would be directly proportional to the load time of the page. The sources that take a lot of time to load will be demoted in rankings. However, the website takes 2 to 3 seconds will eventually be promoted in the google rankings/

For the rankings, google will contrast your rankings with other sites and will map out the results accordingly. Google gives you a plus point over your competitor’s site when you have the fastest loading time on your website. The plus point doesn’t only focus on your load time. Google will take your country, network, and device into account. Therefore, the plus point will base on other factors as well.

So, in this post, we will discuss the aspects that will impact the page, and you should improve them by contracting with a digital marketing agency.

What impacts the page speed of the SEO websites?

The host of the website

It’s a matter of fact you get what you have invested for. Therefore, make sure to buy the expensive hosting. The cheaper hosting tends to slow the speed of the page, and in the long run, it will damage the page speed.

The heavy  images :

The pictures that are too big slows down your page speed. They consume a lot of data while loading. Therefore, you should avoid incorporating bug images in your website.

The theme of the site

Some website themes contained a lot of personalized designs. The designs contain a lot of effects that slow down the website page.

Browser and apps  :

You should check your site in different plugins. Your site may load fast on google chrome or slows done on Mozilla firefox. Therefore, make sure you check the plugins an apps accordingly.  The heavy applications like a flash can also slow down the speed of the page.

Plugins :

Plugin affects the speed of the page. Therefore, ensure to get your hand on the right plugin.

External media

The external data you incorporate in your website can impact the page speed. Adding videos on your page is good, but they take time to load. You can get the fastest load time-on-page. You can use videos by using your own server.

Excessive advertisements

Ads not only disturbs your website user but also contributes to slowing down your web page. Therefore, avoiding too many ads on your webpage can increase your website speed.

Widgets in websites :

The social taps and the areas of feedback, messages, and comments impact the seed of your page significantly.

The codes:

The double-barreled code, like CSS/HTML, are not too fast and good. When there is a lack of density slows down your page speed.

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