Playing the lottery as a newbie is not quite difficult, with the right directives it is enough to get any player started. There are just some basic steps the player needs to follow and they will have their lottery tickets from their chosen game.

It is important to realize that it is purely a game of chance and winning any lottery game be it from; euromillions euromillions, Powerball, or even Eurojackpot. Here are the basic steps to get any player started.


 Step 1 – Register

Registration is quite easy and fast. The first thing will be to open the internet explorer and choose the best site to play with; it could be LottoParks or the National lottery just to name a few.

Next, sign in and create a lottery account if the player does not have one. Fill in the required personal details in the provided boxes plus the address and payment details. Once your account is created, there is the freedom to play any of the biggest lotteries in the world.

If there are funds in the account, the player can now play different lottery games such as eurojackpot, euromillions euromillions, or the lotto.

 Step 2 – Make sure to select the lottery

Click on the Play now link and select the desired lottery by clicking on it. When this is done, the player will be directed to a play block for that specific lotto game.

 Step 3 – Select lotto numbers and timespan

Players are given the chance to choose their numbers randomly or they can make use of the quick pick button to rapidly choose and generate a set of numbers randomly.

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Next, click on the right scroll button to include extra entries. Players can equally choose the draw date for their entries plus the duration of time they wish the numbers can last or continue to serve as the chosen draw numbers.

 Step 4 – Add to cart and play

Once the numbers and draw days have been selected by the player, all that has to be done is to click on the button that states ADD TO CART and when this is done, move forward to CHECKOUT.

 Step 5 – Pay for ticket/checkout

This step brings the player a few minutes away from successfully entering their draw. The player is required to confirm that they are satisfied with the entry and CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.

The amount of money that will be deducted from the player’s account will be displayed. This will bring the player to a confirmation page. On this page, the player can choose to buy the ticket or have the payslip edited which gives them the chance to return and put in different numbers.

If the player has insufficient funds in their account, they will receive an automatic alert when trying to process their payment. Funds can equally be added manually by clicking on the add fund link and follow the instructions.

It is equally probable to set up an automatic direct debit instruction for continuous play and follow the directives from the home page by clicking on the provided link.

 Step 6 – What happens if the player wins?

In case the player gets to win, an email notification will be sent to the player’s email and the funds will be deposited into their account.

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