Preparing your Child for Preschool in East Coast? Here are the Preschool Outcomes to Expect

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Parents often have varied thoughts on what to expect from their children when they join preschool in East Coast at Importantly, some parents tend to worry that their children may probably not get enough.

To overcome this anxiety, it is prudent that when choosing a preschool, you ask as many questions as possible about the curriculum and what you can expect. You may also ascertain the caregivers’ qualifications by ensuring that they’re certified in early childhood education and experienced in that field.

Ideally, you may only have to worry about your child’s developmental milestones and consider seeking counsel from a professional about the child’s condition if he/she is a three-to-five-year old child and;

  • Doesn’t seem interested in playing with other children of their age
  • Cannot have conversations
  • Struggles with speech fluency or stammers
  • Cannot use the toilet 
  • Struggles to be understood by others
  • Cannot be comforted even with their favorite things
  • Doesn’t follow instructions
  • Holding on to minor negative events and ignoring the normal evening activities

How long does it take for a Child to Adjust to a New School?

Some of the issues listed above, such as showing no interest in playing with other children and holding onto minor negative events, may happen if the child has not adjusted to the school. Now, the amount of time that your child may take to settle in a new preschool on the East Coast depends on factors like the support accorded to them and the child as an individual.

Some children will settle in a new preschool quickly within just a few weeks, while others may take a much longer time to adjust. If you have noted that your child struggles with adjusting to a new school, you may need to work with a certified therapist or counselor to help the child cope with complicated feelings like stress.

Important Outcomes to Expect from Preschool Learning

Multiple research reports show that children get better learning achievements from play-based programs. That best explains why most childhood programs revolve around play-based activities. 

To understand the milestones you should expect your child to achieve after their preschool; you must first understand the domains of learning that the preschool-age children are exposed to. Real quick, these domains are broken into; physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and language development. Here’s a deep dive into what you can expect from these five domains;

  • Physical

Under the physical domain in the curriculum, the child learns to take more responsibility for their physical well-being and health. The focus here is to ensure that the child can gain enough confidence to attempt new things, thus boosting their self-esteem and self-fulfillment in their independence.

Some of the possible outcomes you should expect in this domain include;

  • Exhibiting hand preference, i.e., being either left or right-handed
  • Being able to dress or undress without needing much assistance
  • Being able to comfortably hold their crayons or pencils between the thumb and the first two fingers 
  • Being able to climb steps with alternating feet
  • Emotional Development

Emotional development at the preschool on East Coast is primarily designed to help the children respond to diversities with respect. Emotional intelligence is also instrumental in helping the children improve on paying attention and managing their emotions. 

Emotional training in preschool-age children also helps them understand the emotions in others, and themselves and regulate possible responses to intense feelings. Therefore the preschool outcomes you should expect from your child under emotional development include;

  • Being able to understand when someone is hurt
  • Showing the willingness to give affection and also receive affection from the parents and loved ones
  • The child may also indicate a strong preference for only same-sex playmates
  • Social

In the social domain, children are trained to interact with their peers and adults. The focus of this domain in the curriculum is to ensure that the children who complete the program at the preschool on East Coast can not only interact but do so with empathy, respect, and care.

Having a strong sense of empathy will help ensure that the child can build stronger relationships with fellow children and educators. It also helps the child develop a sense of security, which will help position him/her well for learning. 

Empathy also promotes good mental health, encourages tolerance, and makes it easy for the child to accept others. Respect and caring during interactions are instrumental in helping the child feel free and safe to express themselves. It also makes it easy for the child to trust and follow instructions.

 With that being said, the preschool outcomes you should expect under the social domain include;

  • The child enjoying the company of or playing with other children
  • The child easily cooperating, sharing, and smiling with his/her peers
  • Cognitive Development

Cognitive development training in preschoolers aims to help them improve their cognitive processes or skills and progress towards logical thinking. The teachers at your preschool on the East Coast would therefore focus on sensory development and concept formation.

At the end of the program, the children should be able to express ideas and, most importantly, make meaning using different types of media. Here are the outcomes you should expect after preschool.

  • Being able to count things from five to ten
  • Showing the ability to use different materials and objects in constructing things which may range from block towers, cars, and puzzles, etc
  • Being able to demystify the differences in positional words and opposites
  • Being able to memorize numbers and count by rote
  • Talking to self when playing to guide what they’re doing and
  • Possibly being able to write some letters or numbers
  • Language Development

Speech and language development programs for preschoolers are specifically designed to support their ability to communicate with others, express feelings, and understand emotions. Language development is also crucial in supporting problem-solving, building, and maintaining relationships. 

After completing the preschool program, therefore, you should expect these outcomes;

  • Being able to use adult forms of speech
  • Being able to answer simple questions
  • Asserting themselves with words
  • Asking several questions

In Summation

Knowing what happens at a preschool on the East Coast will make it easy to know what to expect. If you’re not sure about anything, be sure to ask your providers. Call or send us an email today to set a date for your consultation.

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