Promo Codes vs. Comp Points: What Is the Most Attractive Bonus for Players?

Should Players Go for Promo Codes or Comp Points?

Promo codes and comp points are part of casinos’ reward programs to encourage customers to keep playing and become loyal. You can find comp points and promo codes on almost all reputable online gambling platforms. Essentially, these are traditional methods that online casinos use to reward loyal players.

For example, the casino can give you comp points for betting on your favorite games. Later, you can convert comp points to bonus cash. On the other hand, casinos offer promotional codes to provide customers with exclusive promotions. For example, some promo codes allow players to get attractive bonuses when they deposit the first amount into their account.

Promo Codes vs. Comp Points

Understanding Casino Promo Codes

Casino promo codes or promotion codes are letters and numbers in a series that a player can enter on an online casino website to unlock an offer. In most cases, online casinos use promo codes to attract new players or make their existing customers happy.

Today, most casinos offer different terms for promo codes. For instance, a casino can call its promo code a bonus code. Another one can call it a referral code. Other popular promo codes include voucher codes and deposit codes. However, all these terms imply the same thing.

Almost every online casino has a bonus for welcoming new customers. However, not every online gambling platform requires new players to have a promo code to register. Nevertheless, the casino might have an exclusive offer for new players. Therefore, gamblers should look for bonus codes before registering with online casinos.

For instance, Las Atlantis Casino has some of the best online casino promotions that you can claim using promo codes.

  • Welcome Bonus: When registering at Las Atlantis Casino, you can use a welcome bonus code that the casino uses to encourage new customers to register for real money accounts. But you can only claim it after depositing your first amount in your new account.
  • Slots Welcome Bonus: You can also claim your slots welcome bonus using a promotional bonus code. With this bonus, you can play more than 140 slot games on this platform. Also, this bonus can reward you with free spins.
  • Reload Bonuses: A reload bonus is among the hottest promotions you can get when gambling online. On realizing that gamblers might hop from one website to another trying to benefit from welcome bonuses, online casinos include these bonuses in their promotions to retain their players.
  • Cash-back Bonus: With this promotion, a gambler plays all they want and receives a certain percentage of their net loss as a special cash-back bonus during the promotional period. Essentially, gamblers get a specific percentage cash-back reward for their losses.
  • No-deposit Bonus: This casino also offers a no-deposit bonus giving players incredible one-time bonus without depositing money into their accounts.

No-deposit Bonus

However, these promotions come with terms and conditions that gamblers should check before gambling.

Usually, online casinos change and shift the available bonuses, which might include reducing the bonus value. Nevertheless, players with bonus codes can qualify for better offers.

How to Get Casino Promo Codes

Most casinos feature promotion codes on a page for new customers searching for websites to play their favorite games. Currently, casino promotion codes are among the most successful and popular acquisition tools for online gambling sites. Therefore, finding them is relatively easy. Here are ways to get promo codes that suit your needs if you’re an existing customer at a casino.

  • Sign up to a casino’s offer emails: Existing players only receive bonus codes via emails on most gambling websites. That way, a casino can avoid bonus abuse while preventing confusion among new members. Therefore, signing up for a newsletter can enable existing players to receive bonus codes.
  • Check the promotional page: An online casino can have a page that shares information about the latest tournaments, prize draws, and latest bonuses. In addition, such a page can feature new promo codes.
  • Check mobile casino versions: Some casinos offer exclusive promo codes for iOS and Android users. Therefore, check the mobile website or app to see if the casino has any promotional codes for mobile customers.

Whether you’ve just signed up at a casino or you’re an existing customer, you can find online casino promo codes if you know where to look.

Why Use Casino Promo Codes?

Why Use Casino Promo Codes?

Using casino promo codes enables you to enjoy the available promotions. While some players associate promo codes with old online gambling platforms, even modern casinos use them to track their reward claims. Here are top reasons to use casino promo codes:

  • Getting bonus money: Online casino promo codes target players looking for bonus money when gambling. Using a promotional code can unearth no-deposit offers, deposit match bonuses, and other lucrative perks.
  • Enjoy excellent rewards: A casino can dish out rewards like anniversary surprises, birthday gifts, and other offers for players to redeem through promo codes. You can also use these codes to get poker credit, slot spins, and overall playing money.
  • Get free spins: If you love spinning some slots, don’t overlook casino promotion codes. That’s because they may release many free spins. Whether you’re after provider-specific spins, no wagering, or no deposit spins, you can get them with the correct promo code.

Practical Tips for Casino Promotion Codes

Once you’ve known what casino promo codes are, the next step is learning to use them. Essentially, online casinos require gamblers to use promo codes in activating bonuses by entering them into their reserved field as they are. That means you must fill the promo code exactly the way it is with numbers and capital letters. Here are more helpful tips for using casino promo codes.

  • Understand their terms and conditions: Online casinos offer promo codes with special terms and conditions. As such, take your time to understand the offer’s rules before redeeming your code. In most casinos, a player can only have one activated bonus at a time. Therefore, look for a promotion that serves your gambling needs and activate it after understanding its terms and conditions.
  • Check the validity period of the promo code: Most casino promo codes have a validity period. And this period can vary significantly from one casino to another. But most welcome bonuses have indefinite or year-long validity. Nevertheless, this isn’t the case for promo codes for casino campaigns with a limited lifetime. A promo code can be valid for one or two weeks. And this is mostly the case for those representing campaigns like Easter and Christmas.
  • Exploit all the Opportunities: Almost every casino offers promotion codes. Therefore, players should focus on redeeming as many promo codes as possible. Ideally, no rule limits gamblers from activating many bonuses. For this reason, some gamblers activate multiple bonuses in different casinos.
  • Don’t Abuse Promo Codes: Online casinos remove the entire bonus and winnings for players that abuse their promo codes. For instance, some players misuse the offers by using one bonus several times. A player can use another person’s identity or a virtual private network to cheat the system. Unfortunately, this will only prompt the casino to ban you if the operator catches you.

Practical Tips for Casino Promotion Codes

New and existing players can use promo codes to unlock bonuses and offers at an online casino. Gamblers find promotion codes at casino websites. However, some casinos partner with affiliates that receive commissions for every real money player or lead they bring to them. A casino affiliate can use a bonus code to promote or market exclusive offers that gamblers can’t get anywhere else. They can also use promo codes to market and build their brands. Alternatively, an affiliate can use a promo code to track a campaign.

Some affiliates and casinos use promo codes to figure out and track the following: 

  • The most effective offers in increasing signups and bringing real money gamblers.
  • Effective ad placements or banners for bringing more customers.
  • The most effective marketing medium, whether SEO, SEM, PPC, or direct buys.

Affiliates and casinos can gather this data and use it to develop better promotions for players or more effective promotional campaigns.

Understanding Casino Comp Points

Comp points are points that casinos offer players for being loyal customers. In most casinos, comp points are part of a loyalty program to reward loyal customers. But in a broader sense, comp points are compensation. Thus, comp points can be all sorts of rewards that players receive over and above what they pay for while gambling. As part of their loyalty programs, casinos award comp points to loyal players for depositing real money and wagering.

Perhaps, you can think of casino comp points as services and gifts that casinos offer players with a relatively obvious intention of keeping players around and prompting them to keep wagering. Different casinos are looking to beat their competitors due to stiff competition in the online gambling industry.

Understanding Casino Comp Points

Comp points are a form of cash-back that gamblers get for being loyal customers of a casino. In a brick-and-mortar casino, players acquire free drinks for taking seats at the gambling tables. Perhaps, this explains how comp points work at an online casino. By earning comp points that a player can eventually reward, they feel welcome and likely spend more time wagering. What’s more, a gambler is more likely to visit a casino that offers comps than an establishment that doesn’t feature them.

In its barest form, a casino comp rewards all the actual money actions of a player. Whenever gamblers place a real money wager while playing a casino game, they earn comp points that they can exchange for casino gifts or credits upon reaching specific thresholds.

Nevertheless, online casinos don’t have standard comps because they constantly try to beat each other with rewards. Therefore, gamblers should check the comps or loyalty programs for different casinos before they register and start gambling with their hard-earned money.

How Casino Comp Points Work

As mentioned, every player is eligible for comps. But deciding the kind of comps a player gets is something different. Again, the central idea is to give players a reward proportional to the period they spend gambling at a casino and the real money they spend.

Brick-and-mortar casinos give players a membership card. On the other hand, internet casinos use software to track the players’ spending and determine their eligibility for comp points. For instance, a casino can use a comping system formula for allocating bonuses via comp points. This formula takes the average bet of a player and multiplies it by the game’s house edge. Theoretically speaking, this gives the player an average hourly loss. But, additionally, the hourly decisions’ number also affects the results.

Although this might not be useful for online gaming, the formula discloses certain things about casino bonuses. For instance, time plays a role in determining the bonus amount. That’s because comp hustlers could intentionally spend a long time on calls. It’s also why internet casino promotions have a time limit.

Additionally, not every casino game has the same winning comps. A casino game with a more considerable house edge gets the casino more from a player. And this means the player will earn comp points faster. But this doesn’t necessarily mean a gambler shouldn’t play casino games with a high RTP. Nonetheless, it’s a vital consideration.

How Casino Comp Points Work

Earning Casino Comp Points

Most casinos take a multi-level approach to comp points. That means gamblers earn comp points depending on the action they give the casino. Thus, a player can start at the lowest level and progress upwards by playing more.

After making it to the next level, the player earns comps at a higher grade based on their action. Casinos can name different levels after precious metals or gems to create a unique feel for every stage. That way, gamblers feel important after reaching higher tiers, and this prompts them to play more. For instance, the first level can have a name like Bronze, while Platinum can be the highest level. Alternatively, a casino can use loyalty levels that suit its theme.

Upon reaching a specific level in a comp club, a player must place a particular number of monthly wagers to retain the position or earn corresponding comp points. Failure to reach this threshold can take the player back to a lower level.

Another benefit for reaching certain stages of a loyalty club is that the casino can offer them monthly, weekly, or daily match bonuses. And these bonuses increase as the player rises to the comp club stages. Nevertheless, casinos don’t obligate players to take rewards if they prefer playing with their cash balances.

Players can pool their comp points from different sites on some gambling platforms, especially those belonging to a group of casinos. That way, players can quickly redeem thresholds for comp points faster if they love playing at different casinos.

How to Redeem Casino Comp Points

How to Redeem Casino Comp Points

After gambling at an online casino for a while, you might want to redeem your comp points. Most casinos provide an easy way to convert the points into cash. For instance, a casino can give you $1 for every 100 comp points. Here’s how a process of redeeming casino comp points might appear.

  • Log into your casino account
  • Navigate to the cashier or loyalty scheme page
  • Click on “My Comp Points.”
  • Click on “Redeem Comp Points.”

The exact conversion varies depending on the currency that a player opts to use. The extra cash from the comp points goes to the casino account of the player. In most casinos, a gambler must accumulate a certain number of comp points before redeeming them. Therefore, check the number of comp points a casino requires you to accumulate before redeeming.

In some cases, a casino might require you to wait for a particular day, week, or month to redeem your comp points. After converting the comp points to cash, you might also wait for a certain period for the extra money to reflect on your account.

Casinos that allow players to pool comp points from different gambling platforms in their group provide a standalone website where gamblers can control their comp points. A player can credit the comp points to their preferred casino through this website.

Additionally, some casinos treat comp points as cash credits. That means a customer can cash the comp points whenever they wish. In some cases, a casino can attach play-through requirements to comp points, meaning a player has to play them through a specific number of times before withdrawing the accrued winnings. But, again, most players prefer the no-restrictions version.

Benefits of Casino Comp Points

Most regular online gamblers know that online casinos can get inventive with bonuses and rewards. Essentially, the creativity of online casinos is unlimited when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. And earning these comp points comes with many benefits.

These include: 

  • Bigger and speedier withdrawals
  • Cash rewards
  • Exclusive trips
  • Free plane and concert tickets
  • Free spins
  • Extra promotional deals
  • Weekend getaways
  • Personalized promos for the player’s favorite games
  • Preferential bonuses

A gambling platform can provide some banking options and assume that everything is okay for players. However, a dedicated and ambitious brand will go further to offer more perks to players. Therefore, players should look for gambling platforms that offer promotions in comp points and even promo codes.

Benefits of Casino Comp Points

Tips for Casino Comp Points

Most casinos award their existing members additional comp points for playing their favorite games or being loyal. Players can increase their ranks in the loyalty club to win more comp points and eventually convert them into cash. Here are tips to help you when dealing with casino comp points.

  • Some comp points have wagering requirements
  • Moving up the rank in the loyalty club can increase the conversion rate for comp points
  • Comp points influence the reward that a player can access
  • The more a customer plays at a casino, the more the comp points they accumulate
  • Understand the math behind the casino comp points to know the amount you accumulate
  • Track your comp points because some casinos have a limit that they can’t exceed until a player withdraws them

The best online gambling platforms know that they should reward their customers for avoiding losing them to their competitors. Consequently, these platforms use loyalty programs to reward their existing customers with comp points. The format and structure of comp points can be different. However, all comp points have the same concept: reward loyal customers and keep them playing. That’s why gamblers earn more comp points for playing more.

Should Players Go for Promo Codes or Comp Points?

Should Players Go for Promo Codes or Comp Points?

Both promo codes and comp points are incentives that casinos use to lure new customers and keep them gambling more on their platforms. A player can unlock different perks at a casino with promo codes, including free spins, cash-backs, and free cash that a gambler can use to play without spending the money in their bankroll. What’s more, you can use a promo code to claim a welcome bonus upon depositing money into your new casino account. That means you can start playing with free money upon registering at a casino.

With comp points, a gambler must visit a casino more often and play their favorite game to climb up the loyalty program and accumulate more of them. Additionally, these points come with terms that a player must fulfill to redeem them. Essentially, achieving a high status in a casino loyalty program or club to earn more comp points takes money, patience, and time. Thus, earning and redeeming comp points is more demanding and costlier than getting bonuses with promo codes.

Overall, promo codes are easier to get and use at a casino to get bonuses than comp points. Nevertheless, both offer good perks for gamblers who want to play at casinos without spending hard-earned money.

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