Pros and Cons of Building an E-commerce Store with Squarespace


Launching an online store is no easy feat. You need to choose the niche and products, secure your supplier, and think about how you can build ongoing relationships with customers. But before all this, perhaps the most important step that you need to take is: finding a reliable platform to host your e-store and build your presence with.      

Of course, there is no shortage of available options for web platforms. If you’ve searched long enough, visited websites like Website Advisor, you might have come across popular recommendations–including Squarespace.

So is this platform worth investing in? What are the pros and cons of a Squarespace website builder? We’re about to answer this and more in the article below.  

Get to know Squarespace first.

Squarespace is a web publishing platform built for webmasters, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs (probably like you). It equips you with the best templates and customizable tools that can help you design and launch the e-commerce store that you’ve always wanted.    

The PROS of Squarespace

Ease of use

When it comes to simplicity and usability, Squarespace is king. Unlike its competitors such as WordPress or WooCommerce, it’s a lot easier to understand and use even by absolute beginners. You can simply update your site’s content by blocks, and also add video and audio files easily. Squarespace also offers flexible product variants that can help you customize your pages in various ways and forms.  

It offers a comprehensive solution

One of Squarespace’s main selling points is that it is an all-in-one platform. This means that everything that you potentially need is already built into this builder – plugins, apps, widgets, you name it. It can even provide you with analytics, reporting, and other advanced web tools. With this choice, you won’t have to figure out which products integrate and which doesn’t. The system has already figured out an end-to-end solution for you, so your experience can be as seamless as possible.           

The CONS of Squarespace

The price is a little steep

Admittedly, Squarespace’s monthly plans can be a bit expensive. It will set you back for around $26 per month, a steep price compared to other options available in the market. Although the lump sum for the annual fee is cheaper, the price still runs up to $18/month. Even then, their lowest tier package will give you just a single website with a limited number of pages under it. Bottom line – not the cheapest deal available in the website builders market. 

Payment processing options are quite limited

Multiple payment methods – this is one of the main considerations for most online entrepreneurs when starting an e-commerce business. While Squarespace can connect you with both Stripe and PayPal, this is still quite limited, considering that these portals are only available in select countries (especially Stripe). In other words, payment options are then restricted to a relatively smaller audience instead of a fully-global one.

At the end of the day, choosing a platform for your online store will still be a decision that you need to make by yourself. If you’re considering Squarespace, we hope that this covers well the main benefits and disadvantages that you need to know about this option. 

A Few Final Words…

Keeping your customers satisfied and avoiding unnecessarily expensive disputes can definitely be a challenge for any e-commerce business. Now there’s a quicker way to handle it. Read the next review of the Purchase Guard platform to learn how it works, and how it can benefit you and your customers as well.

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