Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging on Your Website

Pros and Cons of Guest Blogging on Your Website

Digital marketers have used guest blogging for a while now to boost ranking and raise the profile of a blog. Like many other tactics, there are instances when it offers an advantage and others where it works against your brand. offers professional homework writing services so that students can focus on such entrepreneurial projects as guest blogging.

Guest posting may involve a single writer or several of them on alternate basis. You may invite a writer to present a blog or the writer may extend the request. Either way, there are advantages that will favor your website and disadvantages that might affect your digital marketing campaign. Here are the pros and cons of entertaining guest blogging on your website.


  • Increased Traffic

A guest blogger is not just anyone who can write. You identify a professional with a profile that will boost your own when his or her blog appears on your website. Writers have followers who will move with them wherever they go. The idea is that when these followers come to your website to read what the guest has posted, they will explore the site and find a reason to return in the future. Your ordinary followers will also be coming to the website to find new content. This is a bait for the website to attract new and return readers.

  • Fresh Content To Your Website

Ordinary content sometimes becomes mundane and predictable for your return reader. The chance to have a new writer with a fresh perspective and style is always welcome. It is a chance to revive the blog. Readers who may have developed cold feet towards your blog have a reason to visit the page again.

  • SEO Ranking

Guest blogging comes with in-built links to highly reputable website. The increase in traffic is also interpreted by search engines to mean that your website has quality content. A combination of these factors has both long and short term SEO benefits directed towards your website. Your ranking will improve, leading to better visibility and a chance to make more sales.

  • Bring Expertise

The visitors who flock to your blog are looking for quality information about different subjects. It is not always that you have all the expertise needed to satisfy the needs of your readers. When choosing a guest blogger, consider the expertise that they can offer to your readers. The expertise will keep the readers returning to your website thanks to the unique expertise on offer.


  • Reputation Risk

It is easy to control the behavior and reputation of writers when they are in your fold. A guest blogger is not under your authority and is free to engage with other people in the industry. Should it happen that the reputation of such a blogger is damaged, yours will also be hit. It will be difficult to explain to your clients or associates that the writer was only a guest blogger. All the gains you made may be wiped out by a single reputation issue.

  • Diverting Attention

The fresh voice and perspective could be all it takes to sweep a huge chunk of your followers to another blog. It is especially delicate when dealing with a blogger whose content is in the same niche as yours. While you thought you are boosting the profile of your website, you end up losing more visitors. In other cases, the content added by the blogger may be different from what you consider to be your core focus. A different voice or approach to content could make readers to lose touch with your blog. They desert the blog, causing you losses instead of the envisaged gains.

  • Content Syndication

Webmasters are insistent on unique content for a website. Guest bloggers may republish the work later or provide almost similar content as they had provided for another blog. Duplicate content will result in penalties that affect your ranking. The challenge is that webmasters have no way of establishing which the original content was. All the gains that may have been made through link building and new content are lost.

Inviting a guest blogger to your page takes delicate balancing between the pros and cons of such a move. Vet the suitability and examine the value that such a blogger will add to your website. If the benefits are not certain, it could be time to reconsider your invitation.

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