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Samsung continues to dominate smartphone sales in India, with an overall market share of 20.3% in 2019. With top-of-the-line features and specs, high-end Samsung smartphones are in high demand. Another reason why the South Korean company has found such success in India is due to the variety in its product range, catering to high, mid and lower-range price segments of the market.

  • In 2019, the mid-range smartphone market saw the highest growth of 55.2%
  • These mid-range phones accounted for around 19% of the overall market share.

Regardless of whether you opt for a mid-range smartphone or the flagship from the company, opting for a Bajaj samsung mobile insurance plan is vital to ensure financial security in the event of damage to the device.

Nevertheless, to appreciate the benefits of such a plan, one should understand its various benefits and features.

Features of Samsung phone insurance policies

  1. Nominal premiums

One of the biggest problems for an individual to initiate repairs on their Samsung device is the considerable costs involved with it. You would need to shell out thousands to fund even the smallest of repairs at authorised service centres. Every time a mobile screen develops a crack or there is a display issue, spending such considerable amounts can be difficult for most consumers.

Thankfully, affordability is never a problem when it comes to these insurance plans. Users can avail extensive financial protection at reasonable rates.

  1. Protection against fire damage

Due to the immense amount of data and load that each smartphone bears, even the best mobile devices are susceptible to overheating. News of spontaneous combustion of phones is also not rare at present. Nevertheless, such accidents can force you to replace your current device, which results in an additional financial burden.

Mobile insurance policies come with a fire damage clause, which ensures that you can claim the sum insured for the plan if your phone undergoes irreparable damage due to such a fire.

  1. Screen replacements made easy

Samsung smartphones, especially the premium handsets, come with the best display technology. The clear images on the screen, along with the depth of colours, are truly a spectacle to behold. Further, screen sizes are continually increasing as bezels become practically non-existent.

  • For the Samsung S20+, which is a flagship model, display repair and replacement costs around Rs.12,000.
  • Almost 71% of mobile phone issues in India arise from screen or display problems.
  • Screens are repaired around 77% of the time.

This increase in display size has also resulted in a few downsides. One of these downsides is the increased fragility of such devices. A single drop from your hand can easily shatter the display, setting you back by a substantial amount of money for a replacement. This is why opting for a Samsung mobile insurance in India is primarily so vital for owners of these devices.

  1. Coverage against phone theft

Unfortunately, smartphone theft is a rather common occurrence in India. Each year, consumers across the country end up their phones to pickpockets and snatchers. Due to the rising expense of premium smartphones, such cases of theft can lead to immense financial distress for an individual.

A Samsung mobile protection plan can minimise financial setback from such losses. When you suffer from such theft of a device, you can claim your policy to receive the entire sum insured amount, which can go a long way to afford a replacement phone.

How to fund costly phone repairs

Regardless of the care one takes while using smartphones, he/she can still accidentally damage such devices. Opting for Samsung phone insurance India is the simplest way to ensure financial protection if such unforeseen damages occur to your phone.

Bajaj Finserv offers a Mobile Screen Insurance policy under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions, which is perfect for all such eventualities. This plan offers up to Rs.10,000 as the sum insured, which a policyholder can claim in case of accidental smartphone damage.

With such substantial financial assistance, you can finance repairs without facing any financial liability.

Additional protection for your finances

Premium Samsung phones also come with high-end charging solutions out of the box. Most of these devices support wireless charging, with specialised chargers. However, similar to phone displays, these chargers are susceptible to damage as well. Dysfunctional chargers can effectively render your smartphone non-functional.

Thus, you need to undertake charger repair or replacement services as soon as possible. Thankfully, with a mobile charger insurance policy, you can initiate such repairs without incurring financial liability from the same.

Another mobile phone accessory that is highly susceptible to damage is your headphones. Today, most users opt for wireless headphones. Such devices are expensive and can be difficult to replace in the event of damage. A wireless headphone insurance policy can financially assist you in repairing such equipment by minimising liability from such repairs.

In conclusion, availing a Samsung mobile insurance online is vital to safeguard your finances from unforeseen expenses. Such a policy offers all-round protection, helping you claim the money necessary to undertake all repairs.

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