Quality Conversations And Radical Transparency In Tech with Edouard Kombo


RespectMyCode, the first remote CTO school is up, that’s the occasion for us to talk about a quality subject with its founder, Edouard Kombo. We’ll talk about Quality conversations and radical transparency in the world of tech.

What do you define as a quality conversation?

A quality conversation is when you made your own personal opinions on things, and your stress tests them with different perspectives from different people. It increases your percentage of being right while decreasing your percentage of being wrong.

The end goal is to be right more times than you’re wrong. A quality conversation always opens to new perspectives.

Why do you think having a quality conversation is important in tech?

I think it’s not only in tech but in all areas of life. I identified two types of conversations, “quality conversations” and “tax conversations”.

In tax conversations, the ego barrier prevents you from identifying blind spots, and from seeing a colored picture of the true reality. Often, you blame others for attempting to widen your vision.

Blind spots are our weaknesses, and our opportunities to grow. Tax conversations always lead to a lack of productivity and recurring mistakes.

What is your solution to improve quality conversations?

Embracing the beauty of truth as it is, in your own context, and with radical transparency.

Can you explain radical transparency?

Radical transparency is acknowledging reality as it is, not as it should be, and stop tolerating the negative causes.

Because of the nonsense, you tolerate, you will be accountable for, just like paying a debt you never contracted.

What if it means losing your job by disturbing the wrong people?

There are ways to raise issues, ways to listen, and ways to talk to people. It’s context-driven.

Therefore, seeing the truth is radical to success. If your environment prevents you from highlighting truth, you will have no chances of being successful, run away or make a change.

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