Re-programming On-Demand Transportation Businesses With the Power of Technology

Re-programming On-Demand Transportation Businesses With the Power of Technology

It is an era of technology and almost every sector has some operations that are based on some technology. Digitization has made it easy to manage the whole business process and bring productivity to it.

The fact is – with every other industry transportation is no more behind to adopt technology, and go digital. However, we all have heard about the success of Uber – A ride-hailing app that revolutionizes the way people gain taxi services.

Similar to that, the on-demand transportation business is now getting digital to improvise the management process that goes around.  According to one of the reports, the global on-demand transportation business is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.8%  in the time span of 2018 – 2025.

One such major change is observed in the on-demand shipping and trucking business wherein the whole management process eases to a great extent. Are you interested in more information about the technology evolution in on-demand logistics thing?

Here we’ve covered the best 5 technologies that are redefining the on-demand transportation business.

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Technologies Poised to Overhaul On-Demand Transportation Business

Blockchain Technology


Associated with cryptocurrency, Blockchain is one of the best technologies that improve transparency and visibility in the supply chain management of a transportation business.


Blockchain works to create immutable records of transactions that are suitable to track goods and various supply chain information. It establishes the record in a more effective way in comparison to the traditional system of keeping the tracks.

Besides that, it helps in maintaining the security of the documents for supply chain custody.

The Internet of Things

The fact is there are ample opportunities connected with the Internet of Things. Be it for shipping goods, warehouse stations, shipping containers or anything you can think of.

When all these are connected with the sensored things, then a good volume of the communication process is built. Besides all, a large amount of manufacturing and transport operations are connected with the Internet of Things.

For instance, if a shipment of refrigerated goods is being transported, and some technical bug arises then IoT sensors can detect it and inform you about the same. It shows that with IoT integration you can avoid many risks that come along with your on-demand trucking and shipping business.

Robots & Automation


Robots play a vital role in the on-demand transportation business. They are part of supply management, during transportation, in the warehouse, move goods/materials, and so on.

As per one of the reports, by 2023 approximately 65% of warehouse activities will be conducted with the help of robots. Besides that, it will also provide you with data analytics for store optimization and much more.

For the supply chain and management, Amazon claims that about 40% of more inventory is stored with the help of robots and automation.

In the transportation business, automation helps you to manage many tasks while loading or unloading goods, check-in/ check out process, and so on.

Machine Learning /Artificial Intelligence / Analytics


Every business needs a vast treasure trove of information in order to make your business efficient and bug-free.

By enforcing a combination of Artificial Intelligence, predictive analysis, and Machine Learning – you can make your on-demand transportation business networks stronger.

Especially, using algorithms and predictive methods, you can learn about user behaviour and further make changes in your business process accordingly. Moreover, with predictive analysis, you can learn about the needs of various departments in the transportation industry.

Automated Trucks

We live in an era wherein automated cars are no more a dream. In the same way, with technological evolution, automated trucks now come into the picture.

It is estimated that in the near future, there will be a shortage of drivers and that’s where automated trucks come into the picture. These trucks are equipped with long-distance radars, sensors, 3D mapping, laser detection, short and long distance radars, etc. however, this may take some time for the transportation industry to understand the concept.

The Parting Thoughts

In recent times, transportation management has gone through many technological changes. Achieve your expected goals by making changes in your on-demand transportation business as and when required.

Technology has made it simpler to manage everything from any corner of the world. We would suggest you to check on your tech business needs and implement the same for the better results. For the best implementation of technology in your transport business, we would suggest you to get in touch with a software development company who have experience in this particular field.

Wish you all luck with your transportation business with the latest tech trends!

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