Reasons to Avoid the Dark Web like the Plague


The Dark Web is the side of the internet, which is not crawled, indexed, let alone monitored by the search engine and authorities. It requires specialized software such as the Tor browser to access the dark place.

The lack of monitoring, regulation, and anonymity offers a hunting playground to hostile hackers and cyber terrorists.

The Dark World Attraction

The dark web is a deep massive view of the notorious iceberg that everyone is immensely curious. It offers a treasure trove of information that is unavailable on the regular and safe side of the internet i.e. the tip of the iceberg.

It’s natural to look for ways to enter the dark void and experience it at least once in your life. However, it’s highly advised that you resist the temptation. The prevailing offensive content is not the only undesirable thing you may stumble upon in the dark world; it’s highly likely that you could come across malicious individuals or organizations in this place.

Moreover, the Tor browser generates a unique signature that is stored in your browsing data, and your ISP can detect it.

ISP does offer some security measures to protect you against such instances. If you encounter any trouble and your provider is Charter Spectrum, you could contact Charter Customer Service for advice.

Here are a few solid reasons that should convince you to avoid the dark web like the plague:

#1 Exit Scams

These scams happen when a seller continues to take orders and money but closes down the delivery of the product. As the items sold and bought on the dark web are illegal such as weapons, drugs, stolen objects, etc, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the preferred mode of payment. Hence, when the payment is gone, it’s gone, there’s no way you can demand compensation.

Read about the Evolution darknet market scam in 2015, in which market owners made away with $12 Million in Bitcoin, never to be seen again.

#2 Hoaxes Left and Right

Dark Web is like the post-apocalyptic world where crime abounds, people will stab you behind your back or even upfront if they have enough guts, and will try to get ahold of any amount of money you own via sly and creative methods.

When you try to get involved with any of the illegal activities on the dark web, you are most likely going to end up with zero money and nothing in return.

The notorious Red Room is said to show live footage of murder and many gory activities on demand. However,  they have turned out to be a hoax.

#3 Terrorism

Being a ginormous pit, no wonder it’s an optimal place for terrorist groups to frequent and grow their presence. Surely these terrorist groups cannot disseminate deleterious information on the regular web, so they open up websites on the dark web for various destructive purposes.

There have been rumors of ISIS operating on the dark web. At one time Rawti Shax, a terrorist group, flourished there.

#4 Phishing Attacks

It’s easier to get away with a phishing attack on the regular web with sufficient computer knowledge as you could easily detect inconsistency in the webpage or its URL.

A phishing scam aims to acquire your sensitive information such as your passwords, account details, etc, by disguising itself as a legitimate website or business.

It’s not quite easy to protect yourself against phishing on the dark web as web addresses can be confusing and it gets difficult to identify a duplicated version.

Phishing attacks get even more sophisticated as fake sites not only get cloned but can turn out to be proxies of the actual site, which in turn facilitates man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. In such attacks, the attacker stealthily steals or modifies information while two parties are communicating.

On a Concluding Note

Consider yourself safely warned if you ever decide to venture into the dark world. Not every curiosity needs to be satisfied, some questions are better left unanswered.

The dark web may have a terrible reputation, but not every website is harmful and have evil foundations. According to some sources, a few sites are worth visiting on the dark web. However, serious precautionary measures need to be taken before you do that.

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