Reasons Why Laravel Is Considered As The Best PHP Framework 2019

Reasons Why Laravel Is Considered As The Best PHP Framework 2019

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, which has pioneered the server side coding. PHP is short for Hypertext Preprocessing and it is a powerful server-side scripting language which is widely utilized for building dynamic websites. There are dozens of PHP frameworks such Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter Zend Framework and more.

The developers use PHP frameworks to simplify the coding and build solutions quickly. Further, PHP is easy-to-use, flexible, and effective scripting language, but often working in PHP like in other languages become repetitive and monotonous. Therefore, developer utilize frameworks to break the monotony as frameworks provide functionalities to build PHP solutions quickly.

Laravel is one of the topmost PHP frameworks, which is being used for developing various sophisticated web solutions. As shown in Google Trends, Laravel is being considered as the best PHP framework in 2019. Following are some of the reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework 2019.

#1 Follow MVC structure

Laravel supports a robust MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture like many other PHP frameworks, which reduces complexity and promotes faster development. With this architecture, the presentation layer is separated from the business logic. Model communicates with the database and retrieve information requested by the user the information is passed to appropriate controller, which further passes the information to view object which prepares and presents the information to the screen.

#2 Object-oriented libraries

It provides many pre-installed object oriented libraries that are not available with many popular PHP frameworks. These libraries simplify coding and enable to build high-end web applications. One of those libraries in Laravel include authentication library, which is easy-to-implement and include several advanced functionality like Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, password reset, and encryption.

#3 Artisan console

Often times, the developers need to use command line to interact with Laravel framework. By using the command line, they can handle the Laravel project environment as well as build the projects. Laravel provides its own command line interface, which is known as Artisan. The Artisan command line is used for managing database migrations, publishing package assets, generating and seeding boilerplate code for new controllers, migrations, and models. Developers get freedom from building code skeletons using this feature. The functionality of Artisan can be extended further by implementing custom commands.

#4 Blade template

Laravel also provides a smooth and robust built-in templating engine known as Blade. It can combine multiple templates with a data model to create resulting views which is done by turning the templates into cached PHP code. Besides this, Blade also provides its own control structures like loops and conditional statements, which are mapped to their corresponding PHP code.

#5 Security

Laravel provides a robust way for password protection in its framework. It uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted representation for password. The passwords for users are not saved in plain text in the database, instead salted and hashed passwords are used. SQL injection attacks are unimaginable because Laravel uses prepared SQL statements. Here are some security features of Laravel:

  • Basic HTTP authentication
  • Protecting routes
  • Password reset and reminders
  • User authentication
  • Manual login
  • Configuration
  • Authentication driver

#6 Broadcasting

Laravel offers a concept “Broadcasting” which is very useful for modern web applications. It allows applications to perform several operations like showing live feed, implementing real-time data, etc. With this feature, developer can share the same event name between client-side and server-side to fetch the real-time data from application.

#7 Packaging system

A packaging system is a useful dealing with multiple libraries and support software, which enables a web application to automate the process. When it comes to boosting the development process, packages are the best tools to rely upon. Laravel utilizes a composer in terms of dependency manager, it deals with all the information that is required for managing the package. Some of the top packages include Image, Debug bar, and Laravel IDE helper.

Final words

PHP has added true elegance to the web by making it possible to build dynamic websites and apps. By using this excellent scripting language, it is easy to develop high-end websites. Therefore, the businesses look for PHP development company or hire PHP developer to build dynamic solutions. Laravel is an interesting and powerful framework of PHP which developers can utilize to build more advanced web applications for their clients. As we seen in this post, there are many features that show why Laravel is being counted as the best PHP framework in 2019. By taking advantage of the robust features of Laravel developers can build solutions to any complexity.

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