reddit service unavailable

Many users of Reddit complain about errors coming from “Reddit service unavailable” while surfing through the Reddit website. This error is experienced by many users of Reddit across the globe. In this article, we will tell you about how you can solve this type of error on your device. We are going to provide some solutions that can help you to solve this error.

A few days back a lot of people were having issues with Roblox where they are not able to connect and play the game, this situation of Roblox is very similar to the Reddit service which users are experiencing. There can be many reasons for the website going down on your device. If you are assuming problems with your device or browser that is stopping the site from loading or opening then read this article you might get your solution to this problem.

Reddit is the most famous social networking site where all people convey their ideas and thoughts through this platform, this platform allows people to give feedback on other content shared by the users of Reddit. Here you can get content that you are interested in.

“Reddit Service Unavailable” Error

Reddit Service unavailable is now a very common issue faced by many websites these days, now we are talking about Reddit where the website or server can’t manage your request. In simple words, you can say that the server is not conveying any data to the browser. So, in this article we are talking about some major and common issues that you face while accessing the website, below you can see steps to solve your error, a quick and easy fix to regain your access to the website.

STEP 1: Check your Broadband connectivity

Check your Broadband service provider connection working properly or not. Also, check if other pages are loading or not if they are not loading try again to establish a stable internet connection on your device. If still the problem is not solved try to troubleshoot your Wi-fi connection or try connecting to your mobile hotspot. Therefore, this is a solution you can try, if still showing the same error then try these next steps.

STEP 2: Clear your temporary files or cache memory

Temporary files are generated by the pages or website you visit, these type of files are stored in the temporary folder in your computer and used whenever in need these files get piled up and make your device slow in performance and it may cause an error while loading page so firstly delete these files or simply you can go in the “clear browsing data” option where you will see cache files select those files and hit the clear data button this clear all your cache files. Hence this solution can help to fix your problem.

STEP 3: Changing browser to access the website

If in case you are using chrome browser to open the Reddit site then try a different browser to access the website like Firefox, Opera, or Safari if you are on a mac device, then check if the problem is solved or not or try the incognito option present in the Top-Right corner of chrome browser or sim use Ctrl+Shift+N you will be directed to the incognito mode.

STEP 4: Close all extension attaches to your browser

Extensions of some feature or Adblock extension may cause problems connecting or loading the Reddit page on Firefox, Chrome browsers to resolve this you need to disable all extensions that you have added earlier and try refreshing the browser and then go to your Reddit website this step might solve your issue of service unavailable.

STEP 5: Using VPN to access the website

Virtual Private Network or VPN is your private network, where your demand is sent to some other server through VPN then to the website server you are accessing, then the website sends the data back it goes through the VPN first then on your device. It also helps to provide more security to you while browsing on the internet.

STEP 6: Wait for the response of the Website

After performing all steps given above, you are still facing the problem, then hold up to yourself and wait for the response of the Reddit team. It might be a global issue if the servers are down waiting for some time and then afterward you can try again accessing the website. The Reddit team might be working on this issue and trying to resolve it in some amount of time so wait until the problem is solved. These types of problems are very common these days, this can happen due to traffic created at that website and not handling the load on a website that can cause the error to load the page.


Reddit is a very interesting platform for all age group people, people come here and share their feelings and ideas and their thoughts through this. Reddit service unavailable error occurs rarely, if you are a daily user on Reddit you may encounter this problem at least one time. So, you should know how to fix these types of issues, hence in near future you will not get this type of issue and if you get it then after reading this article you will probably solve it on your own.