Requirements to Get a Data Science Internship

We are witnessing a new chapter in human development which is the result of remarkable technological advancements that have emerged in recent years. Experts call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is beyond merely the technology-driven change – it is. In fact, merging the physical, digital, and biological world and bringing huge promises for the future. Some of the prominent technologies include artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing.

One major factor behind the impressive progress of these emerging technologies is the availability of massive amounts of data. One who has learned how to maintain technologically advanced assets through data and analytics will be in high demand in the future. Well, dealing with data is quite a complex process, and requires a clear understanding of data science. Aspirants willing to upgrade themselves with these evolving technologies often take up online courses to learn all the concepts from scratch. Credentials like a data science certification not only allow professionals to improve their array of skills but also helps employers to find the right candidates for their data science-related projects.

This article is specifically suited for beginners in data science who want to get the foundational knowledge and learn what is required to land an internship in this field.

Steps to Secure a Data Science Internship

A data scientist is one of the highest paying and most in-demand job roles today. Working under seasoned data scientists can be a rewarding experience for any data science intern. If you wish to apply for a data science internship, then you do some groundwork.

Prior knowledge

First, you need to learn the fundamentals of statistics, probability, calculus, and linear algebra. Then, they need to learn at least one programming language, R, Python, or Java is preferable. Knowledge of databases is the next thing one should focus on, they should be comfortable writing SQL queries. Becoming well-versed in using some big data tools is also an added advantage.

Know what will you work on as a data science intern

There are a variety of tasks that companies may assign to data science interns to handle real-world projects. Broadly, you may be asked to clean data, perform data analysis, generate reports, create attractive visualizations from analyzed data, and story-telling. By performing such tasks, an intern would gain experience in defining the problem statements, creating models, and the phases of the end-to-end data science lifecycle.

Training course

Becoming eligible for a data science internship requires you to have something extraordinary compared to your peers. While many beginners do not understand the basics of data science before applying for an internship, you can take a suitable step by enrolling in an online data science course. The highly-qualified instructors will not only teach you core math concepts and machine learning algorithms but also help you work on industry projects and gain the skills that employers actually seek. Moreover, you’ll get access to various data science tools so that you can gain hands-on learning experience.

Taking the right approach when applying for an internship

There are many useful job portals like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Internshala, and Naukri where you can find various job postings for data science internships. Many think that they aren’t useful, but what you need to do is focus on how you apply. Update your resume regularly and try to include the skills that align to the job description, showcase your knowledge of data science tools, mention if you have worked on any industry projects and any relevant certifications that you have achieved.

Increase your online presence

Today, a college degree and certificates of participation in various workshops do not work. You need to leverage online platforms as much as possible. Try to grow your network on LinkedIn, write some blogs on data science, or join some useful communities. Create a Github account and work on some data-related projects or follow some data scientists and their work. You can also join Kaggle where you’ll get access to real-life datasets and can learn how to clean data.

Do Soft Skills Matter?

Entry-level professionals are so engrossed in gaining technical skills that they completely ignore the soft skills. Companies believe that an ideal candidate should have a blend of technical as well as soft skills to fit into the desired role. For a data science internship, you must pay attention to details, be a problem-solver, have analytical skills, be eager to learn, and show your interest in working with data. Structured thinking also helps during a data science interview, you may be given a problem statement and asked to approach it strategically.

To sum it up, landing a data science internship isn’t that difficult. Ensure that you don’t blindly follow what your peers do and take a different path that will help you stand out from your peers. Research which companies are looking for entry-level data scientists and check the skills they seek. Practice accordingly and be open to large companies as well as startups. Chances are you’ll gain better experience and a lot of learning through an internship. If your performance is up to mark, you may be even absorbed by the employer soon.

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