Reviewing The Popular Android Cell Phone Tracker of 2021


Are you worried about your teen’s whereabouts? Perhaps you would want to track your kids’ online activities to ensure their safety in the real world. Tracking your child’s routine is a very tough task, especially for working parents. But, now parents can live in serenity and leave their worries to advanced cell phone tracking apps.

A mobile tracker app is designed to track the digital activities of cell phones and tablets. You can trace the whereabouts of any cellular device with an advanced cell phone tracking app. Moreover, a mobile tracker will help you track company-owned devices. You can even track your lost cell phone or tablet using a mobile phone tracker.

The demand for android spyware is ever-increasing, or we can say that the use of the internet is directly proportional to the utilization of spyware programs. There are a plethora of good Android spyware apps online. TheWiSpy, FlexiSpy, mSpy, there are so many reliable spy apps that could help you track Android devices like a pro.

Today, we will review the best cell phone tracker of 2021 in this article.

So, without wasting any time, let’s start reviewing the world’s best spy app for Android TheWiSpy.

Reviewing The Popular Android Cell Phone Tracker of 2021

Do you know that 96% of teens lie to their parents; they lie about their whereabouts, friends circle, routine activities, and personal chores. On the contrary, business managers need to keep tabs on work devices. The reason?

Internal scams and frauds have been increasing every day. Fraudulent employees steal corporate details and trade business secrets with company rivals. Cell phones can be an active medium to share nudes, inappropriate messages and leak sensitive information online.

But, as it is said, every problem comes with its solution. And, in that case, mobile spyware apps are the solution to keep an eye on someone’s online auctions.

A spy app for Android is a digital guardian for kids as well as businesses. TheWiSpy, being the leading Android spyware, offers quality features for cell phone and tablet tracking. 

However, a few more spy apps like FlexiSpy and mSpy deliver advanced tracking features, but here, we will review TheWiSpy app in detail.

Don’t worry; we will discuss TheWiSpy comparative analysis with other top Android spy apps in the latter section.

Continue reading and find everything about the TWS app in this article.

TheWiSpy – A Thorough Introduction:

In 2021, TheWiSpy has declared the best cell phone tracker app for providing robust functionality, accuracy, performance, user-friendliness, and active customer support. The demand for spyware apps is rapidly increasing in the online market, and no one wants a spy app that will jeopardize personal details.

Indeed, some scam spy apps pinch sensitive details for blackmailing and other criminal purposes. But, TheWiSpy is the opposite of that. It is a secure and reliable spy app for Android. Moreover, TheWiSpy follows strict data collection and processing policies, leaving no space for data stealth or misuse. 

As far as the tracking capabilities of TheWiSpy app is concerned, it indeed delivers supreme quality tools to monitor your target device. Moreover, TheWiSpy provides 30+ tools and affordable subscription plans for users to enjoy a premium spying experience.

TheWiSpy Functionality & Key Features:

TheWiSpy app works on two separate modules; the spyware app and the web-based dashboard. You are required to configure the TWS on your desired device by yourself. And, for that, physical access is needed. TheWiSpy dashboard is a cloud-based space that provides users to monitor spied data and control digital actions of the target device remotely. There is no prerequisite of installing TheWiSpy app on your device; you can log in to the TWS control panel from any browser. Preferably, you must open the TWS dashboard from a desktop browser for a better experience.

TheWiSpy Functionality:

TheWiSpy is an advanced cell phone tracking app that operates in hidden mode. It connects itself to the target device’s operating system. The OS and spyware interaction enables TheWiSpy to record and fetch all the ongoing and saved cyber actions of the target device. The end-user can view the spied information and manage digital activities without letting the target know. TheWiSpy ensures secret digital spying and helps parents and employers safeguard their kids and businesses from online bullies and scams.

TheWiSpy Key Features:

In general, TheWiSpy offers more than 30 advanced spying features that would help you track Android devices of every generation. However, in this article, we will mention the top 10 TheWiSpy features to provide a thorough overview of TWS spyware.

Let’s find out the most popular features of TheWiSpy app.

WhatsApp Spy:

WhatsApp is, no doubt, the most used instant messenger nowadays. People use it for messaging, calling, and sharing multimedia. However, WhatsApp is a significant threat because it can be a prominent source for cyberbullying or sexting, etc. Don’t worry, as TheWiSpy can track WhatsApp conversations, call logs, and other online activities. The spyware records WhatsApp actions of your target device and allows you to monitor everything from an online dashboard. It simply gives you your target’s WhatsApp account access, remotely and secretly.

Call Recording:

Kids can stay up all night talking to their friends over phone calls. Also, company employees can blab business secrets to non-authoritative people. Using the TWS app, you can tape all phone calls that your target device may receive or dial. It records phone calls and delivers clean audio files with high-quality audio. You can also track phone numbers, contact details, call duration, and other call-related details with the TWS app.

Message Spy:

Although instant messengers have replaced SMS messages, people still send SMS texts to their friends and family when the internet is unavailable. TheWiSpy app is capable of fetching all sent and received SMS messages. I spy text messages allow you to read text messages of your target device from an online control panel. In addition, you can read all the SMS chats that are present in your target device’s inbox. Furthermore, TheWiSpy instantly records text messages which means that even if your target user deletes a conversation, you would still be able to monitor it via the TWS dashboard.

GPS Tracking:

If you want an app for tracking Android mobile phones, TheWiSpy is your savior. It can record live GPS locations and help you track visited addresses, routes taken, and active pinpoints of your target device. TheWiSpy is the best cell phone tracker software enabling parents and employees to keep tabs on the whereabouts of kids and the workforce. It reports whereabouts details along with dates and timestamps.


We know it is very tough for working parents to keep up with their kids’ daily schedules. However, every parent wants to safeguard their children from harmful consequences. Geofencing is a premium tool of TheWiSpy app that allows parents to mark geographical zones as safe and unsafe localities. Parents can set red zones using an electronic map of their kids’ devices. Geofencing instantly alerts parents if their kids enter the red zone. This way, parents can immediately take action and save kids from shady places. Geofencing can also be used for limiting employees to work sites.

Camera Spy:

The best feature that Android spyware can offer is camera spy. TheWiSpy provides its users complete control over the target device’s camera. It means that you can command the device’s camera to take photos or make videos, all this with remote access. Thus, TheWiSpy acts like a portable surveillance tool that captures your target’s surroundings and allows you to view everything by sitting remotely.

Multimedia Spy:

TheWiSpy is an eminent multimedia tracker app. It fetches all saved audio, video, and images files from the target device and displays the complete media gallery on its dashboard. You can monitor multimedia files and documents from TheWiSpy dashboard. For parents, who struggle to view their kids’ media gallery, TheWiSpy app is the best solution. 

Screen Recording:

If spy apps were based on only a single feature, it would be screen recording. It is a complete spy tool that can record all the actions on your target device’s screen. Whatever your target user does on their cell phone will be recorded and presented to you in the form of short videos. With the screen recording feature, you can monitor text activities, social media actions and track other mobile phone happenings in real-time. 

Surround Recording:

TheWiSpy app offers a mic bug feature that hacks the microphone of your target device. It provides you access to the device’s mic so you can activate it to record surround noises around your target user. The surround recording feature records high-quality sounds and allows you to discover chats, music, and other sounds around your target user.

Other Features:

As mentioned earlier, TheWiSpy offers 30+ spy tools to help you with digital monitoring. It delivers a keylogger feature to keep you updated with keystroke activity and updated passwords. Moreover, TheWiSpy allows you to monitor instant messengers and view chats and call details without touching the device. TheWiSpy app enables you to track call logs and contact details as well. Other features of TheWiSpy app include remote screen lock, calendar monitoring, notes/memo tracking, etc.

TheWiSpy as a Competitor – A Comparative View:

When it comes to top Android spyware, the competition is tough. For example, the TWS app was launched recently but still has thousands of happy customers. On the other hand, Android spyware like FlexiSpy and mSpy has ruled the spyware industry for years.

So, let’s compare the TWS app with its top competitors and see what TheWiSpy Android spyware lacks or exceeds as an Android spy app.

TheWiSpy vs FlexiSpy – Top Android Spy Apps:

FlexiSpy is the most senior spyware when it comes to tracking Android mobile phones or iOS devices. However, it offers high-end functionality and robust features to ensure safe digital monitoring. TheWiSpy app is newly launched and still has a long journey ahead to conquer popularity as FlexiSpy.

To be honest, FlexiSpy and TheWiSpy offer almost similar features. The thing that separates these top Android spy apps is pricing plans.

TheWiSpy subscription starts at only $19.99 per month; whereas, FlexiSpy costs $29.95 per month.

Apart from pricing, FlexiSpy has the edge over the TWS app for providing a live call interception feature. Although you can hear phone calls with TheWiSpy app, it does not allow you to listen to live calls. You can listen to phone calls with TheWiSpy app, but only after the call is ended. TheWiSpy does not offer live call interception right now.

TheWiSpy vs mSpy:

Tracking Android mobile phones or tablets is not a challenge if you have the right tools. mSpy is another famous spy app that functions as robust parental control software. As TheWiSpy also offers parental control functionalities, the comparison between mSpy and TheWiSpy apps is valid. mSpy is undoubtedly a powerful parental monitoring app, but it provides very few features compared to TheWiSpy app. However, its features work perfectly on Android and iOS devices.

TheWiSpy is cheaper than mSpy and delivers more features than the mSpy app. However, one drawback that may negatively affect the TWS app popularity, and its compatibility. TheWiSpy does not offer iOS monitoring functions, but mSpy does. However, the Android functionality of TheWiSpy app makes it stand out as the best monitoring app for kids tracking.


Mobile spy apps become incredibly beneficial if used with the right intentions. For example, cell phone tracking apps help employers to keep a check on their workforce’s whereabouts. Also, such spyware apps assist parents in keeping sharp eyes on their teens’ social and digital life. 

Although picking the best Android spyware is a complicated task. The top competitors TheWiSpy, FlexiSpy, and mSpy, deliver robust functionality and vary in only one or two aspects. TheWiSpy, among all, is the well-suited app to provide you with advanced spy tools within an affordable range. You can choose the subscription and pay for the features you want, with no extra spending or hidden charges.

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