Revolution in the Medical Field by the Use of Custom Coil Winding


Medical Field has witnessed remarkable improvements with the coming of custom coil windings. The custom coil winding are used in various miniature instruments for proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases that takes place in human body. in this article we will discuss the different uses of custom coil windings and how it revolutionized the industry

Charging Element

did you know that custom coil winding can be used for wireless battery charging? The charging method is similar to how you charge a mobile phone. all you have to do is to plug a you just need to plug in the electricity port the charging device and you are good to go.

Charging any device wirelessly is just as easy. You plug in a special device to the electricity port, and it will transmit a transmission which will charge the apparatus. This charging method is useful when charging implants. The charge is done using coils.

Healing element

pain treatment is a standard procedure in the medical field. To achieve the process of healing more efficiently there is a use of anti-pain implants inside the human body. How do anti-pain implants work?

The pain in is treated or suppressed by the electromagnetic induction from the implants. Custom coil winding is being used as a for the transmission to heal damaged tissues. This process is achieved by using the concept of electromagnetic induction. researchers discovered that electromagnetic induction has a positive effect on several tissues and bones due to the magnetic field it generates. By the use of custom coil winding, the healing time of tissues and suppression of pain has been reduced substantially.

Where else can you see Custom Coil Winding?

Besides its healing and charging capabilities, coils are also used in a location sensing devices to assist doctors where they don’t have clear visibility.

Precision and knowing the exact location during a surgery is key. Doctors have to operate in very tight spots sometimes with no clear visibility at all. This is where coils come in handy since they can “sense” each other in space using electromagnetic induction.

As you can probably see, Custom coils windings have a lot of uses, not only in the medical field but in other industries as well. Expect to see more of them as time pass. Technological advancements are very likely to increase demands to such coils


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