Salary Of Hadoop Developer Based On Job Profiles In India

Salary Of Hadoop Developer Based On Job Profiles In India

Hadoop is growing widely in the market today and the IT world is completely surrounded by it. Almost all the big MNCs are using technology to increase productivity since Hadoop is the best platform to work with tones of data. The best part to notice about Hadoop is that there are multiple profiles available where you can work on in the industry.

Salary Of Hadoop Developer Based On Job Profiles In India

Today, let’s take a look at what all profiles are available for the Hadoop developer and respective salaries being offered. Have a look at them below:

#1 Hadoop Software Engineer

The very first basic profile to work under Hadoop is as a software engineer. The role of SE is not just limited to limited development but also to perform code validation along with testing and looking into further programming initiatives. You will also be responsible for working in close connection with cross-functional departments to know about the status of the projects. The average salary of the Hadoop software engineer is 564,087 RS per annum.

#2 Hadoop senior software engineer

After having a few years of experience as software engineer, you can be appointed as Hadoop senior software engineer. If you have relevant experience in big data using machine learning and Hadoop then you can directly enter as senior software engineer. Under this profile, you need to have very strong and clear understanding of the distributed systems and also the open framework. The average salary of a Hadoop senior software engineer is 872,907 Rs per annum.

#3 Data Engineer

The role of a data engineer is to design the data architecture along with the data optimization and cross-practical group assortment. You will also be optimizing the flow of data and pipeline design. Data engineer works as a data wrangler who builds the complete system and also supports the software developers and data scientists in order to deliver the best program. The data engineer’s average salary is 837,564 Rs per annum.

#4 Hadoop Software developer

The software developer works in accordance with the data engineer and develops Hadoop based applications. The work is almost similar to that of a system developer. In order to be the perfect Hadoop developer, you need to have complete knowledge of big data along with the ability to work with data. Also, you need to play with the available data, process it, manage and avoid it from any of the destructions. The average salary of the Hadoop software developer is around 444,243 Rs per annum.

These are some of the common profiles for Hadoop developers in India. There are a lot of job opportunities available in the market since the demand is high in the market. But the main thing to remember is that companies are looking for candidates with expertise in the above-mentioned job profiles. You can easily gain knowledge and expertise in the various profiles after taking the Hadoop Training from some good institute or resources available. More knowledge you have better will be the salary perks for you in the industry.

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