Sales and Cybersecurity: How to Shop Online Safely

As a result of its growing popularity, online banking becomes the focus of cybercriminals more often. Intruders and hackers invent new ways to attack consumers’ money. Banks and online payment system must respond in a timely and adequate manner to the increased level of cyber threats.

Cybercriminals use a wide range of technologies to access users’ bank accounts and credit card details. Starting from sophisticated attacks using malicious code, they are not limited to social engineering methods based on knowledge of the psychological subtleties of customer behavior. We will look at the tools of preventing such attacks and find a particular way to safe online shopping. You can check details about ProtonVPN on VPNServicePro to learn about VPN as one of the means for online safety.

Phishing: the Most Popular Way to Get Money

Phishing is one of the most common attacks. The essence of it is that with the help of email, social media, or SMS, the user is redirected to a malicious website, which looks like an original bank’s webpage. The user, unaware of the sub-death, enters personal information (name, password, credit card numbers, SMS-code), which falls into the hands of the criminals. This type of fraud is particularly developed in the segment of Internet banking.

As an “antidote,” it is recommended to use the online bank services that have multi-factor authentication. That way, criminals are unlikely to be able to implement such a function on a phishing site. In general, multi-factor authentication is considered the most secure system for granting access. Although malicious software can function after the user’s authentication if it is already implemented into the system. However, in this case, the damage will only be limited to the current session, as once it is closed, the hacker will not be able to register again.

How to Protect Yourself on Sales?

In order not to wake up on Saturday with a bunch of unnecessary things and empty pockets, it is better to prepare now. We are here to explain the possible ways to save money, time, and secure your data during the sale period.

#1 Savings

If you have an unlimited credit card in your pocket, you can safely skip this point. Everyone else who wants to meet the sale day in full weapons will have to give up shopping for a while. In about a month, but nothing from equipment, clothing, and cosmetics and purchase only the most necessary – products and medicines. Remember, everything else you can get soon with a significant discount.

#2 Self-checking

The sale should be treated exclusively as an opportunity to buy the right things with a discount, which would have to be spent anyway. Ask yourself the question: “Will I buy this item without a discount?” If the answer is positive, you know what to do, and if negative – you should postpone the purchase to the best times.

#3 Lists

To save not only money but also time make online purchases during the sale period. Therefore, the items that passed the check from the previous point, you should find in online stores and put them on a special list. You can, for example, create a document in Google Docs and record a price there before the discount. That is also how you can track whether the store has pulled a trick to raise the price before the sale and reduce it to the original price after.

#4 Mailing

To not miss the start of the sale, create accounts in advance in all online stores where you plan to buy. Also, it’s a good idea to subscribe to their mails. A few days before New Year sales, you will start to receive letters with news about sales.

By the day of the sale, the discount may still increase, so it is better not to hurry with purchases. The exception is only made if the letter already specifies the maximum discount – as a rule, it is 25-30%. You can also start buying in advance if you have a few items left in the store. Sometimes such notifications appear on sites automatically; if another case, try to put twenty sweaters of your size in the cart. If there are only five left, the system simply won’t allow you to add more – so you can track the number of things you need.

#5 Sale Calendar

Even if you failed to buy something you need on “black Friday,” in a month will begin new pre-New Year sales with substantial discounts. In general, to stimulate consumer activity, they are carried out approximately every two months.

#6 Use VPN

To ensure the safety of your online transactions, use a reliable VPN provider. The secure protocols and encryption systems will make your banking and Internet shopping protected while seeking for the best New Year sweater.

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