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sasuke pfp

Sasuke Uchiha, the younger brother of Itachi Uchiha. After Itachi slaughtered the Uchiha clan, Sasuke made his mission to avenge the clan by killing his older brother. Sasuke is a part of Team 7 also known as Team Kakashi. This is where he started developing his skills. Sasuke made his life mission to kill his brother in order to do his dark side take over. He began to train under the legendary Sannin Orochimaru leaving Konoha Village (The village hidden under the leaves) in order to accomplish his mission.

Later learning the truth of his brother’s sacrifice for the Konoha village he later decided to join hands with Naruto to win the Fourth great ninja war. After an extreme battle between Naruto & Sasuke, Sasuke realized naruto is stronger than him. Sasuke is also known as “Supporting Kage” now due to his huge efforts in the ninja war. He even managed to awaken the Rinnegan.

Let’s take a look at the Sasuke pfp.

Sasuke Pfp

Sasuke uchiha pfp


Sasuke the supporting kage one of the iconic war heroes in Naruto & Boruto. Hope this post help you with best sasuke pfp, uchiha itachi pfps, sasuke pfps gif, sasuke uchiha pfp, sasuke pfp aesthetic.

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