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YouTube is much more popular these days. This video sharing platform offers tons of interesting videos where we can find large varieties of video contents. It is even said that YouTube can lead to the death of television.

No wonder because at this video sharing portal we can find almost all types of entertainment found on TV and more.

But YouTube is much more than just entertainment. It also offers a massive source of knowledge and learning materials. From lecture videos, training materials, product reviews, to DIY tips and tutorials, we can learn many new things from videos from this online platform.

Those videos also encourage us to try to do new things from cooking new recipes, making crafts, to learn new skills to improve our competencies.

Learning from YouTube is fun and somehow more effective. However, not all of us have an unlimited and reliable internet connection. Many of us only have limited data plan or we may often travel to or live in places with the unreliable internet connection. If you are looking for video And Audio Editing Software Online you should definitely look for Evano

This condition may prevent us from watching and learning from videos on YouTube. Fortunately, there’s a good alternative by converting videos on YouTube so we can’t watch or listen to them offline. Youtube konverter software is the tool we need to download, convert, and save videos from YouTube.

Why converting the videos? YouTube saves uploaded videos on its server and users can only play by streaming the video and although lately, this video sharing platform offers an option to save videos to watch offline, it can only be saved and played through YouTube platform.

YouTube converter software able to download streaming videos and convert it into file types compatible to be played on a computer or mobile devices.

There are two types of YouTube converter software. The first one is standalone software. It is a paid software and must be installed into a computer or device hard drive. Standalone converter software comes with better specs, wider format compatibility, and usually offers higher quality converted video results. While the second type is online converter software.

This type of converter is usually free and very easy to use. The downside is it may only support limited formats and also limited video quality. No surprise that most people would choose the online YouTube converter for its ease of use and free of charge.

There are many online YouTube converters you can find and use. While each one offers similar features, it is very important to choose the right one. The main factors to choose which online converter to use must be the quality of converted videos.

Choose the one offering multiple options of formats and resolutions. Not only video formats, it is better to choose the one offering conversion to MP3 or MP4 audio format (for the podcast, etc.). The user interface is also an important factor. It must be easy to choose the video, to convert, and to save the result. Note that most free online converter often shows ads during the conversion process. You can also check for mp3 downloader.

It is understandable since that’s how they get revenue but when the ads are too disturbing, better find another online converter. One more factor to consider is security. Some online converter platforms are not secured that it exposes you to the risks of malware infecting your device.

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