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Instagram Tools For Your Account Growth

If you have an Instagram account, you might find it very difficult to schedule posts in the native app. The desktop version of the site also doesn’t allow such functionalities and scheduling is unavailable on the mobile app as well. Some people believe that you have to constantly be online to keep posting. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can schedule Instagram posts and stories easily and safely.

Make use of Instagram’s popularity

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels on the planet. It gives people more visual content to feed on and helps them grow their business, ideas and more. These days, most small businesses, influencers and individuals are looking to incorporate Instagram into their digital marketing strategy because of the power it wields in the social media world. It does not depend on the kind and size of business you have- Instagram can always work for you.

One of the biggest appeals of this social media platform is that it allows you to build a personal, intimate and friendly relationship with your audience. All you have to is post relevant posts and stories with your followers. Instagram offers you dual benefits of permeant posts as well as ethereal 24 hours stories which disappear after their stipulated time. Many social media channels are introducing the story feature on their platforms but only Instagram has been successful in making this feature work. The stories always appear on top of the home page, which means that they bring better visibility to your platform.

The best thing about the stories feature is that you can have multiple stories on your account and organize the best of them in the Highlights section available right under your Instagram bio.

Why opt for scheduling Instagram posts and stories?

Scheduling Instagram posts and stories could be important for people and businesses who don’t want to leave their Instagram profile to chance. We all often tend to forget that our Instagram pages are a reflection of our personality and our brand. When we schedule stories and posts, we control what people can see about our posts and stories and also control our brand image. We can decide what our posts and feed will eventually look like and give a more uniform look and feel to our profile. This eventually helps in creating a better business appeal which makes us more influential.

Here are some advantages of using an Instagram scheduling tool –

#1 More control over content

You are not posting as you go. Your Instagram feed is carefully curated according to a theme, color and design scheme. You don’t have to worry about a messy Instagram feed that looks awful. All you have to do is simply start planning and schedule and see how your Instagram feed starts popping up like never before.

#2 It saves time

Planning your Instagram posts in advance helps you save time. You don’t want to spend 30 to 60 minutes each day selecting the right picture, applying the right filters and choosing the right hashtags and captions for each one of them. All you have to do is ensure that you are scheduling your post in advance, whenever you have free time and see your beautiful feed comes to life. You can schedule your posts for days, weeks and months in advance. Just upload everything to the scheduling tool and it will post a pic at the right time. It all works like magic.

#3 Helps in multiple account management

Several people use different accounts for their personal and business use. Using two accounts at the same time could mean using a lot of energy which is never advisable. To overcome these issues, all you have to do is use a scheduling app. Post whatever you like, whenever you like on your personal page and maintain a post scheduler for your business. In this way, all your posting issues are taken care of and you don’t have to spend double the time in managing these accounts.

#4 It takes care of the algorithm

On Instagram, its all about the algorithm. If you are posting regularly and you get a lot of engagement on your account, Instagram is going to push your content further. This means that you will get even more visibility from your feed. Instagram tells you when most of your audience is online which helps you in getting more engagement.

How to schedule your Instagram posts?

In order to schedule your Instagram posts and stories, you need a separate app that allows you such capabilities. Combin Scheduler is a great tool for this purpose. The native Instagram app does not have any scheduling capabilities which makes it impossible to use for scheduling. Combin Scheduler can be used for all Business accounts on Instagram. The app is available on Linux, Mac and Windows and allows you to post from desktop with ease. We all know that working on desktops is usually much easier than using a mobile phone.

To get started, simply visit the Combin Scheduler website and login to your Instagram business account from this app. The app will only keep your login information to itself so it can push your posts and stories at the right time. It does not sell or share your information with third parties and does not provide them access to your account. You can also activate two-factor authentication on this program.

Next, click on ‘Stories’ section at the upper left corner and click on ‘Add New Story’. Drag and drop the images that you want to add or hit upload. Then select the posting time and date. You can adjust the schedule according to your time zone. Then just click on ‘Create’. Your story is now ready to be published at the time you have decided.

Scheduling Instagram posts is also very easy with this app. Simply log into the app and go to the Posts scheduling page. The app automatically redirects to this page when launched. Simply click on ‘Add New Post’, upload images that you want, add captions, emojis, paragraph breaks, symbols or whatever you like. You can also add your location if you like. In the end, select the time and date for the post to be sent out and click on ‘Create.’ That’s it.

Can you schedule reposts on the app?

Reposting or regramming is an awesome way to get users to your feed if you want to share the content from someone else. The best way to do this is use the Combin Scheduling. This will help you more if you share a lot of user generated content. Click and login on the app and then find ‘Add New Post.’ Here, you will find the ‘Repost’ tab. Simply copy the link of the Instagram post that you want to repost and paste that URL into the Link to the Post section. You can then select the time and date for publishing and add a location if you like. The app will automatically send the content when on your chosen time. The good news is that you can remove, adjust or add a repost badge location on your image. You can change the color of the badge from black to white to help it blend better with your image.

Don’t close the window

There is one important thing to remember about the Combin Scheduler. You cannot close the app window until the stories and posts have been uploaded on Instagram. Therefore, you have to keep it open on most occasions. However, if you find the constantly open window irritating, you can allow the app to run in the background.

To do this, go to the menu bar then click on Tools and then Preferences. Here, enable the ‘Run Combin Scheduler in the background when it is closed’ setting. Once done, hitting the escape button will not quit the app completely but allow it to run in the background which is essential for your posts and stories to publish on time. If you were unable to post some pics, then you can reschedule at least five of them for later.

Using Instagram could be hugely beneficial for your business whether you are a corner bakery shop, a model or a digital marketing agency. All you have to do is keep posting regularly and ensure that people come back to your posts and stories at regular intervals. You also have to post content that could bring heightened engagement to your profile and increase the chances of Instagram pushing your content. Usually, thinking ahead and scheduling all your posts becomes an essential step for you. Stop thinking and get the Combin Scheduler now to see your posting worries vanish in thin air.

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