Secrets To Differentiate Between Moissanite Vs Diamond

Differentiate Between Moissanite Vs Diamond

Diamonds are considered the supreme in the world of jewelry, but they are not the only gemstone option in the market. When trying to find something different, it is critical to note that many options are out there. These include stones that appear ideally similar to the diamonds, such as Moissanite.

Differentiate Between Moissanite Vs Diamond

Moissanite is an organically occurring mineral that carries the name of silicone carbide. It is very limited and cannot be found in nature. It is large enough to be divided into a single-carat gemstone, according to the original inventor of Moissanite. Due to that, the Moissanite used in the best jewelry is manufactured in a lab, contrary to the diamonds, which are large organically occurring.

Despite their varying origins, the two commodities have many features in common. According to some experts, read on and learn more about the difference between Moissanite Vs Diamond.

Quality and Durability

When you compare diamond and Moissanite properties, diamond is known for its durability. They are the best quality known minerals. Besides, they are high quality and can withstand any wear and tear. Thus, it makes them perfect for consistent use, especially for engagement rings.

It is known that diamonds tend to be composed of a higher degree of hard components, which makes it to be greatly more resistant to abrasion. Nevertheless, Moissanite is considered the second hardest and most durable after the diamond on the hardness scale. Some professionals stated that diamonds are the best based on rankings from top to bottom.


The most significant advantage on Moissanite over diamond is the price. When shopping for jewelry, you will find that Moissanite products are cheaper compared to diamond ones. In most occurrences, a Moissanite gem is approximately one-tenth the price rate of a mined diamond of the same quality and size. A certain expert also said that the value of Moissanite is significant with massive carat weights.

If you are looking for a white gemstone or large carat but lack money for a giant diamond, it will help if you settle for Moissanite. According to many individuals, a colorless diamond with the greatest clarity grade is absolutely unattainable. Based on the expert’s opinion, there is no significance in compromising the quality with a lesser diamond. Substandard diamonds tend to be pricey compared to the higher-top quality, massive Moissanite properties.


Both Diamonds and Moissanite can both have some colors in them or be colorless. Moissanite properties tend to carry yellowish or greenish tints on it. But producers have been making the manufacturing process perfect over time. This enables buyers to find high-quality Moissanite products that are colorless.

When it comes to Diamond color, they greatly vary. Diamond color is ranked on a scale of D-Z, with Z being brown or light yellow and D being colorless, according to experts. For that reason, a diamond can be anything from colorless to green, blue, pink, yellow, or brown.

What to Check When Shopping

When purchasing Moissanite, it will help to note that it is like shopping for any other gemstone. The most fundamental aspect to keep in mind is that you can find high-quality items at affordable rates. So, it is best to avoid settling for products with visible imperfection in color or clarity. It can be challenging to find Moissanite properties at a physical jewelry shop, compared to diamonds and gold. However, you can opt to shop for such products from the leading online stores.

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