Security Testing for Mobile Applications

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Not only desktop software, but mobile apps also require specialized testing before being released to the customers. Mobile penetration testing is a procedure that allows discovering potential weak points in mobile apps on Android and iOS. Hacken is one of the top modern companies providing supreme mobile testing. Running security scans for mobile applications allows creating a superior product with maximum safety for all parties.

What is a Mobile App Penetration Test?

Because smartphones are now widely used for virtually anything, modern hackers often target mobile apps to steal user information and various valuable data. Mobile pen testing is crucial to strengthen the security of a specific app before delivering it on portable devices. Penetration testing is basically imitating the hacker attacks to locate the vulnerable spots in each app. This procedure is performed by tech specialists and the latest attack methods are used. However, unlike the real hacker attacks, this testing results in gathering information and proposing solutions for improving app security.

Hacken delivers some of the best pen testing solutions, alongside other security testings, such as smart contract auditing services, network pen testing, etc.

Benefits of Mobile Pen Testing

Mobile penetration testing is a rewarding process for all parties. Developers can learn that their product is secure and ready to be used. Companies feel safe to incorporate new applications in their work. And finally, the users themselves know that their data will be safe while using these apps. Here are the key benefits of pen testing your portable apps:

  • Protecting applications from hacker attacks;
  • Protecting apps from other programs installed on the device;
  • Protecting app data in case of losing a device;
  • Improving your reputation;
  • Preventing financial losses, etc.

It is highly recommended to include mobile pen testing as an essential stage of app development. This way you will have a powerful and secure product at the end of the developing process.


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