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Love the fashion industry? Does the idea of going into the apparel business appeal to you? Setup your store online and start new fashion trends. Here’s a short starter course on how to set up a store to sell clothes online.

An Apparel Store Online

If you think people may hesitate to buy clothing online, think again. The online clothing business is growing steadily being one of the fastest growing businesses online. Already earning $80 billion a year, this industry is set for future expansion in the coming years.

So, how do you jump into this bandwagon?

Choose A Niche

Choose a particular category like women’s apparels or men’s fashion. Drill down and focus on a specific niche, something trendy like Pop Culture. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find what search terms related to fashion are trending to discover a niche opportunity. Then do some research on the market potential. Choose a profitable and sustainable niche.

Choose Your Business Model

You can choose to be a print on demand store, putting your own logo and designs on white-label merchandise from suppliers. In this business model, the suppliers take care of the products inventory and delivery. You can also set up a dropshipping store if you like. You can also start a private label business, buy plain, non-branded clothing from supplies in bulk, and then put your own designs on them. Here, you need to take care of stocks and shipping yourself. You can also set up a unique fashion store where you sell your own creations that are designed and stitched by you.

Find A Source For Your Products Or Raw Materials

Find a few suppliers for your products or for raw materials. For instance, if you’re setting up a dropshipping business, use a resource like Oberlo to find and add products to your store. Choose products that align with your store’s theme and niche. If you’re selling your own creations, choose good suppliers to buy the raw materials from.

Mockup Generators





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It is always good to see how things would actually look like with your design on it, so be sure to make use of mockup generators. You can find plenty of these for free online. The more time you spend testing, the better your end product will be.

Think About How To Stand Out From The Crowd

The fashion business is a huge and highly competitive industry. So, think about how you can differentiate your store and its offerings from everyone else. Create a USP for your store and form a marketing strategy to advertise that USP.

Create A Brand

Select an easy-to-remember and relevant name for your brand. Shortlist a few names and then finally pick one for which you can purchase a top level domain. Create an attractive logo and come up with a tagline. Together the name, logo, and tagline can convey what your shop is about.

Shout It Out

Now, prepare to market your business. You need to get the word out before your store is up and running. Use multiple channels of advertising. Ensure that you include social media marketing. It’s the most convenient and affordable way to get the word out that you’re setting up a shop to sell clothes online. Continue your marketing efforts after launch.

Organize And Present Your Products Beautifully

For customers to find what they want in your shop, you need to organize your products in relevant categories. You can list one item under different categories and subdivisions as long as they’re logical and follow an intuitive pattern.

Next, you need to create unique descriptions for each item. Make sure you describe the material, style, stitching etc. You should also upload attractive photographs of clothes from different perspectives. This will allow customers to get as much detail as they want. Also, include international size charts, especially if you want to cater to a global audience.

Choose A Good Ecommerce Platform

Shopify is a great choice as it provides all the tools and resources necessary to design and launch your store. You can showcase your products, track and manage inventory, sales, and more. It has good features for marketing and SEO. Shopify makes it easy to set up a beautiful, safe, and mobile-friendly website to sell clothes online.

You get a secure, robust platform that provides you with a free SSL certificate. Shopify payments processing is fully PCI DSS compliant for secure payments.

You get a hosted, cloud-based ecommerce platform that has powerful features and is easily scalable as your business grows. You also have access to a huge app marketplace to add more features and functionalities to your store. You get full 24/7 support and can take advantage of Shopify’s POS system to sell your products in-person.

Setup your shop to sell clothes online on the Shopify platform. Leave the backend worries to Shopify and focus only on the business aspects of your store. Get all the tools and help needed to grow the business quickly and scale the resources as needed.

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