SEO and Beyond: Things Your Competitor’s Web Traffic Can Teach You


Today, it seems organic SEO is not all you need to optimize your business website. There is more to SEO than meets the eye. The visitors may land on your site or that of your competitor’s in many ways. It could be via direct visits, search engines like Google, paid ads, social media, and referring sites. In some industries, organic requests translate to less than 50 percent of the entire volume of traffic. Then, what are you supposed to do as an online marketer?

According to an article published on, there are many ways to generate traffic for your website. Optimizing your site is one of them and factors like Meta titles, web page load speed, headings, and quality of content all play significant roles. These aspects matter a lot when it comes to your SEO campaign.

It is important that you analyze the significance of tactical optimization for your niche industry and standard, a couple of high-level performance rates like your competitor’s website traffic metrics. Therefore, if you want to gain a robust, enhanced, and quicker competitive intelligence, here are a few things your competitor websites can teach you:

Understand your competitor’s strength

Understanding your strongest competitor is crucial in this age of stiff competition. Staying updated about the new companies and their websites in the same industry you serve matters. It is not a problem except that it will take some of your time. Once you know which metrics to focus on, things become easier for you. Let us clarify this point with the help of an appropriate example. Say, for instance, you are busy in competitor research and find that a particular website is generating significant web traffic. Even when the business is new, their marketing strategies help them to walk away with a bigger slice of the cake.

Therefore, watch out for your competitors’ website and monitor their traffic growth, especially if the traffic is coming from other sources and not SEO. Studying competitor traffic and learning how to beat them in the competition is the key to the success of your SEO campaigns.

Focus on other sources of traffic as a backup strategy

Google algorithms are evolving as ever and therefore, you cannot sit back relaxed thinking that your website would still rank number one the next day. So, you need to have some backup strategies apart from SEO.

Make the most of those online channels where your competitors have little presence. For instance, if you find out that none of your business competitors is present on Instagram, it is your opportunity to make the most of it and stand out in the crowd.

You can use the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool to study the metrics of your competitor websites. You need to enter their URL and it is as simple as that. In a simple click, you can have access to all information like traffic sources, top-performing web pages, audience overlap, and things like that. If you have any queries regarding boosting your website traffic and conversions, you can consult with any reputed search engine optimization company near you.

Understand your competitor’s buyer journey and their loyalty

Which of the touchpoints your customers have contact with prior to a purchase? When it comes to your competitors’ customer journey, do not assume that is shorter. The buyer’s first impression of a business is critical, but then strange things happen once they browse the website and delve deeper into the pages as well as the funnel.

Therefore, make certain that you have a look at your competitors’ best-performing pages and the complete number of unique visitors to the field. It will give you some knowledge and idea of how visitors make the initial contact with your competitors in business and how possibly they would turn into loyal customers in the future. While you research, make an effort to delineate your competitors’ buyer journey. These include:

  • What organic search or paid KWs directed visitors to the website initially?
  • How did the visitors find themselves on your competitor’s website again?
  • What factors prevented customers from initiating a purchase right away and changed them to a contemplation mode?
  • Your final goal is to gain a long-term and loyal customer, not just one visitor once.
  • If you are concentrating on SEO and nothing else, understanding visitor situations on your competitors’ websites will do more good than harm.
  • You also need to study the factors that worked well for your competitors. Accordingly, you can improve your company’s web content, design, layout, navigation, and structure accordingly.
  • A wider perspective could give you one or a couple of ideas for your undeviating responsibilities and boost your SEO campaign like a pro.

Learn about content quality and user experience

Google algorithms want websites to meet the expectations of visitors’ requests and not simply match keywords (KWs) with related websites. It means that Google rewards websites that have quality and unique content useful for web visitors. If your website content is good, SEO will improve.

You need to know whether the visitors liked the web page they visited. Well, the engagement metrics will give answers to your questions. Therefore, focus on the number of page visits, bounce rate, and the average time spent on your competitor’s website. You also need to study those sites that failed to achieve top rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You need to do some deep analysis compared to standard research.

Understand competitor strategies customized for mobile

When it comes to SEO for mobile, it did not appear in the marketing plan overnight. Then, there are some missing answers even today. These are:

  • For instance, should SEO plans and methods for stationary and portable devices vary?
  • To figure out, you need to understand what makes a mobile traffic stream to your competitor’s business, if not optimization.
  • If sources of traffic vary for mobile and you are not an authority in the channels meant for it, you have two choices like outsourcing digital marketing services for such platforms and focus on gaining better results from these channels for desktop.


Now that you have these details about your competitor’s website traffic, make the right SEO moves to rank high in the SERPs.

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