Should you buy a refurbished Laptop?


If you are trying to save some money, and not wanting a brand new Laptop, refurbished and used Laptops can be considered. These Laptops are sold at a discounted price by the retailers. But not all the latest products are being sold as refurbished. One might don’t want to get the fresh product at the same time saving some pennies.  When buying a refurbished product, you might get the thought of getting a damaged product. Here are some tips that might help you in buying a good Laptop.

Good performance at a discounted price

You might not find the latest generation Laptops as refurbs. The performance and battery life of tge Laptop might not effect you now but it will definitely after two or three of using that device as the device might not be able to use the latest versions of softwares and tge battey life may ran out more quickly. There is hardly any doubt that you would get a good refurbished Laptop at reasonable prices but be careful when choosing the model of the product. If you want to buy laptop for gaming, 3d modeling or developement then its not suggested to buy refurbished laptops but if you want laptop for youtube or netflix then its justified to buy refurb laptop.

Where can you get a refurbished Laptop?

Many consumers return their systems because they don’t want to if further or there might be a serious defect. Some trading also involve exchange of old Laptops. The manufacturers recycle the returned systems and sell those products at a discounted price. So, buying a refurbished Laptop from a brand-name company is a good choice.

Refurbished and used are two different things!

Refurbishers usually do some changes in the returned systems. Either it is about redefining the physical appearance of the product or its functions. They check the damage components i.e battery life, screen resolution, power supply and hard drive. If you are buying the Laptop from someone who doesn’t work on these then you are probably getting a used one not a refurbished one.

Things to check before buying a refurbished Laptop

  • Look for warranty. Do not buy any gadget without a warranty.
  • Examining the system. Make sure you are not buying a used product.
  • Check the damage components i.e battery or screen etc.
  • Also check for CPU and GPU temperature after the system is booted.

Risks to avoid when buying a refurbished Laptop

The major concern would be if the Laptop looks as good as a new one. A refurbished one might not look as good as the brand new notebook but if definitely is worth saving some money. Always buy from a trustworthy vendor that gives you at least a warranty of one year. Also when buying the Laptop, remember to check the parts. There might be a chance that some pieces can be missing. Check all the accessories while buying. Never buy the Laptop without a charger. Always check the performance and battery life. If the laptop has been used for so many years, it might now have some charging issues. It is very obvious that the older machine would have the hard drive a few generations older And may provide you with less storage. Lastly always remember to buy from a known dealer.

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