Simple Solutions to fix YouTube Problems – A must read guide.


Nowadays YouTube is one of the most important and visited platforms in the overall world it’s found almost all the video you want. YouTube is American video-sharing platform, recently YouTube operates, handle as one of Google’s division.

Billions of users have viewed videos on YouTube every day, certainly you open YouTube application and you see YouTube not working, that time may be various reasons why the app might not work.

Some way we can fix the issue of YouTube not working

You see YouTube video in your Personal Computer or MacBook that’s the time many reasons YouTube not work, sometimes mobile and pc do not work one of the common reasons your internet is working or not.

Some time without notification, your device data, and time setting will be changing it gives software error in your window to solve this problem, set proper time and date on your device.

Commonly two browsers are used by peoples on Pc like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge some time anything will do on browser quite some time and show the error after some time of YouTube not working that time update the browser on official sides with advance version.

Sometimes extension to chrome browser gives the problem for YouTube application, maybe you not able to use it, that time you simply remove the extension, then go the YouTube site and use it.

Sometimes the internet is not working properly but YouTube gives the problem that’s time need to reboot your device that’s solve the problem with restart your device.

The most technical reason, such condition traffic occurs on the side that time check if it is down.

Its need to clear the application cache of YouTube and clear its data, and reset your application and once again see your video you want some time smartphone and YouTube application clear the catch and solve the problem

Mostly you have not updated an application for too long a period that’s application gives an error for working, must update your application by an authorized website like Google play store, Bitdownloader update application with advance application feature by Google…

YouTube is not working properly in your device may be your old operating system version with regular updates to solve this problem after update is completed check YouTube work or not.

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