Smart Appliances and Your Energy Bill

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Smart appliances have changed the way we do a lot of things. From smart thermostats to lighting, the devices we have today make life so much easier. But smart technology is more than just convenience— smart appliances are beneficial in more ways than one.

Benefits of Smart Appliances

Promotes a Connected Household

With smart appliances, you can control your home’s functions remotely. Smart home appliances sync with the internet via wi-fi, and some have Bluetooth technology. This allows you to monitor your appliances with an external device, which you can do from a distance.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

Smart appliances are designed to be energy efficient. As an example, a smart programmable thermostat can learn your schedule and temperature preferences. A smart TV, on the other hand, can help you find better channels and apps to locate your favorite shows.

Smart home systems also have automatic decision-making skills. For example, a smart thermostat can recognize when the room is empty and turn off the air conditioner or turn down the heat.

Money and Energy Savings

It’s true that investing in technology for your home can be costly at first. However, you can save a lot of money in the long run because of the energy-efficient features of smart appliances.

Increases Home Value

If you have a plan on selling your home in the future, adding smart appliances can be beneficial to increase its value. Buyers are likely to see these devices are positive improvements.

Best Smart Appliances to Save on Your Energy Bill

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets work via a smart device-driven app command. They can schedule times for your outlet to be on or off, which eliminates the small amount of energy that appliances like televisions will pull if left plugged in—even if they are off.

Smart Window Coverings

A window covering might not be the first thing you think of to save energy but you can save energy to some extent by using energy efficient curtains However, smart windows have a lot to offer to homeowners. You can program your window system to automatically respond to the environment—offering savings on temperature control and lighting. Note that closing window blinds or curtains at night can reduce heat loss by as much as 17%, promoting energy conservation as you won’t use your conditioning system as much.

Smart Thermostats

Did you know that heating and cooling is your home’s largest energy expense? That’s why a smart thermostat is a wise investment for many homeowners. Smart thermostats automatically adjust the heat in your home based on the time of day or occupancy in the room. For instance, it may turn the heat down a little at night while you’re sleeping, then turn it up just before you wake up.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Compared to incandescent bulbs, smart LED light bulbs use 80% less energy. Since the average home spends 25% of its energy on electric lighting, this has the potential to make a huge impact.

Smart LED light bulbs are considered the most efficient light bulb when it comes to converting energy into light. Although they are the most expensive type of bulb, they are also the most sustainable. Each bulb can save you about $7 per year.

Other Eco-Conscious Tips to Save Energy and Money

Aside from using energy-saving devices, there are other things you can do to save energy and money.

Discipline Yourself

At times, we forget to turn off appliances, which results in an increased energy bill. Be sure to turn off lights, unplug TV entertainment systems, and not leave computers on needlessly.

Use the Sun to Dry Your Stuff

Take advantage of the sun. Instead of using a dryer to dry your clothes, it’s better to line-dry them. Note that your dryer uses more energy than most other appliances. A study from the Georgia Energy Commission found that you can save about $85 per year by line-drying your stuff.

Reduce Water Heating Expenses

Water heating is a primary contributor to the total energy you consume. To reduce your water heating expenses, you can use less hot water or choose an energy-efficient water heater.

Keep Your Appliances Clean

Your appliances will function better if they are clean. Check them once a month and clean them regularly. For example, a dirty air filter can increase your energy costs and cause problems with your equipment.

Keep Up on Repairs

Certain appliances, like your HVAC system, should be serviced at least once a year. Catching small problems early on will not only save you money on your energy bills but prevent the need for costly repairs down the line.

Talk to an Energy Company

Lower your utility bill and make life more comfortable with the help of an electric and gas company GA. You want a company that offers fair rates and has reliable service.

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