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Blockchain offers special functions that are called smart contracts. Smart contracts are automatically created in the system, copied to different repositories and executed using distributed computing. Therefore, after the smart contract is executed, it cannot be fixed, even if vulnerabilities are found in it later.

The principle of operation

After signing, the smart contract takes effect within a certain environment. The executable code inside this environment must have the necessary free access to all contract objects. All the terms of the contract have a mathematical basis, a description, as well as a certain logic of execution. Such contracts help in formalizing the simplest relationships consisting of a given number of necessary conditions. For example, they help in the field of lending, they monitor the fulfillment of the conditions of loans issued by people.

Smart contract auditing is the process of thoroughly examining a piece of code. This is done to identify errors, vulnerabilities, and various risks. The process takes place before the code is used in the main blockchain network. After use, it can no longer be changed.
An audit is not a legal document that 100% confirms the security of the code. The audit provides a guarantee that the code is checked by professionals and it is safe from their point of view.

Smart contract audit companies

Hash Ex is one of the most effective technical consultants. More than 30 projects work on platforms developed by HashEx. The company has checked more than 200 in 2017-2021.

Let’s look at the structure of the smart contract audit:

  • General overview: a quick overview of a smart contract using innovative technologies
  • Attacks on a smart contract: information about attacks on a contract with conclusions
  • Critical vulnerabilities, if they were found in the contract: they can damage the integrity of the contract. Some errors allow attackers to steal the ether.
  • Medium vulnerabilities: they can do harm, but they are not so dangerous. For example, an error may allow people to change a random variable.
  • Low-level vulnerabilities: problems that do not damage the contract and can not significantly harm
  • Comments on the lines of code: the most important lines are analyzed, experts conclude that they can be improved
  • Summary of the audit: experts express their opinion about the contract and draw conclusions about the audit.

The company regularly makes its audit work publicly available. This allows everyone to make sure that the work has been done comprehensively and honestly. HashEx Security Blog shows well how employees, using new technologies, regularly work on code analysis.

That is, the company copes with its duties perfectly. She helps clients, advises, and code verification is carried out with the help of innovative technologies. People speak well about the company’s work. These are users from different spheres, they have cases of different scales, but they are all satisfied with the work of the company’s specialists. If there is a need for an audit of a smart contract, then Hash Ex is the best solution to the problem.


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