Smart Home Technologies of The 21st Century

Smart Home

Technological innovations are now better than ever. Big brands have been working on smart home gadgets that we have never seen before. These gadgets are doing great work with our home’s energy efficiency, privacy, and even security! What’s even better is that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for it. There are many affordable options for these smart home devices, and some even come with a Home Depot cashback.

The major companies like Google, Philips Hue, and Amazon are pretty much world-renowned for their smart home innovations. However, they are not the only ones who are running the game. There are hundreds of small competitors that are pushing boundaries with smart home accessories that you didn’t even know you needed.

Some top-of-the-class devices will definitely cost you, but there’s lots of affordable ones in the market too that are worth buying. The extra cost of a smart home gadget will also save you from tons of day-to-day inconveniences. You might even be surprised to earn Home Depot cashback points with certain purchases.

So if you want to up your smart home technology game or find a gift for someone who does, check out the list below for the top picks that every home needs.

#1 Hubitat: privacy-oriented smart home hub

Hubitat’s Elevation hub is not like your usual Alexa or Google Assistant speaker. For just $130, your Hubitat hub will process all of your automation and voice control locally rather than on the cloud! Some people might not care about the added privacy, but data collection is getting more and more rampant. The added dollars will surely go a long way if you are really concerned about the privacy of your home. Bigger brands have yet to ensure our privacy in the way that your Hubitat hub will.

#2 Echo Flex: a cheap and modular speaker 

The Echo Flex is the perfect Alexa-powered speaker you didn’t know you needed. It has a USB port for you to add a range of modules and features. Typically you can add motion sensors for extra security in your home, and nightlights for dark hallways! This is highly recommended for anyone who uses Alexa and could use another gadget to move around the house. You can even control the extra features of your Echo Flex, like strengthen the security features especially during nighttime.

#3 Wyze Sense: smart security kit

Everyone will benefit from a smart camera in the home. This smart security kit from Wyze Sense only costs $ 20! You’d be happy to know that the entire kit contains a motion sensor, two door/window contact sensors, and a bridge to plug into the smart security camera which is connected to an app on your phone. No other company has pushed the limits like Wyze for a security device with such an affordable price tag. This is definitely worth the buy, especially for people who live alone, have pets in the house, or travel several times in a year. An extra level of security is always good and you surely won’t look back after this $20 item.

Depending on what you are looking for, surely you will find a new smart home product to take care of what you need in your home! Don’t even worry about the hefty price tags – the smaller tech companies have got you covered. Some purchases even come with a Home Depot cashback so this is another bonus to your smart home buy.

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