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Keeping in contact is a higher priority at this moment, than at any other time. 

We know the challenges you are confronting at this moment. As an expert, you have to continue organizing. Be that as it may, endeavors to hinder the spread of COVID-19 has seriously restricted your chances for meeting new individuals.

Anyhow, your Networking endeavors don’t need to stop. Rather, you can use innovation and brilliant contact organizations to keep your network as solid as could be.

That is the reason there will never be a superior chance to exploit StayTouch features, which will empower you to keep on all your Networking needs.

Features of the StayTouch app

Do you own an iOS device? Or is Android your way of the smartphone? No problem either way! StayTouch is available across the divide, and it entails these awesome features:

  • An excellent substitute for physical cards: While tangible business cards can get dirty and lost, the digital variety on StayTouch are consistently spotless and unlosable. 
  • Make side notes on acquired contacts so you’ll do your homework on your next event and impress them with the information. 
  • Wireless and paperless transfer of contacts. Take that pen out of your shirt pocket, because you won’t need it with StayTouch.
  • A business card scanner so you can upload your physical versions into digital ones so you can share info efficiently and accurately.
  • Seamless info updates: When you change your contact details, you don’t need to reach out to all parties individually. StayTouch will inform your professional circle of changes, and you too won’t miss out on any changes from your network. 
  • A personal organizer: Who needs a secretary when StayTouch can manage all of your organization’s needs? Schedule reminders for meetings, mark important dates on your calendar, and never skip a beat. 

Why StayTouch is Miles Ahead of the Competition

StayTouch’s uniqueness is that it juggles so many different and essential functions for any Networking events. You get a personal organizer, digital business cards, a contact update system, a virtual notebook, Chat, a wireless contact exchange service all under one roof! It’s hard to beat ST’s versatility!

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