Sneaker Reselling: Sharing Information is Still Too Valuable


Sneaker reselling is rising in popularity yet remains a largely unknown way to make money. However, as the information available is relatively new, many who use this as a form of income don’t share how to get started. Using factory laced sneaker proxies such as Proxydrop is a quick way to start this journey.

What Is Sneaker Reselling?

Sneaker reselling is a multi-million dollar industry that few know of and even fewer speak of. The entire enterprise revolves around the singular concept of buying low and selling high. Anyone in this business uses proxies and visits thrift shops or second-hand websites such as eBay.

Using reliable brand recognition and the limited run of specific sneakers, the value of a particular shoe can increase drastically.

The Effect on the Industry

Sneaker resellers create new markets in the shoe industry. The resellers impact the market, but mainly in new shoes purchased from retailers when there’s a reasonable price. This purchasing continues to fund the brands and will ensure that new sneakers are always produced.

Why it Works

There has always been a market for sneakers. Many brands release limited runs of a particular design, resulting in pieces eventually getting purchased by collectors. For the more common pairs, the process relies upon waiting for a specific shoe to become valuable or simply taking advantage of a high discount and waiting for that discount to end before reselling the sneakers at a better price.

Cook Groups

Information on the entire topic is typically restricted. There are often small groups of users on Telegram, Discord, and paid Twitter accounts. It’s thanks to these groups that information on sneaker reselling is usually kept secret.

In most cases, getting into one of these closed communities is costly, if you’re even able to access them at all. Doing so usually comes with a monthly or annual fee. You will rarely ever need to pay a one-time amount for lifetime access to the group’s secrets.

Many of these cook groups provide their members with a bot service, notifying all the users of a high discount item that should be purchased and resold. However, while these services are excellent, groups frequently have over 400 members that you’ll need to beat when a deal arises.

Why it’s Happening

Sneakers are in significant demand as more and more people seek to individualize themselves. Many see the shoes they wear as an expression of who they are, from the brand to the style of the shoe itself. 

This need for individualization mixed with the concept of buying low and selling high pushes these investors to purchase sneakers when they’re on a sale. They later resell them for more than other shops would have when they were in stock.

Can Anyone Do It?

Anyone can start reselling sneakers as a side hustle; however, you’ll need to invest lots of capital for it to become a full-time business. Buying sneakers works in many similar ways to buying stocks, as you can purchase a few and wait for them to grow in value before reselling. Or, you can purchase many and resell them for a smaller profit.

How to Start

Anyone can start the path of becoming a reseller. However, it is a cutthroat business that may leave you wondering why you started. 

Buy Low, Sell High

The rule of buying low and selling high has been a golden one for almost any business venture. If you’re planning to resell sneakers, look for the best discount and whether that shoe is in demand. If you can buy it for cheaper than what someone will pay you for it, you’re making a profit.

Scale Up

One of the most neglected items for a sneaker reseller to do is to continue scaling their business. If you want to make a lot of money, you’ll need to invest a sizable amount into sneakers and wait for the price to rise.

The Ease of Technology

When sneaker reselling was a small thing, the internet and other services such as Discord and social media were less used if they existed at all. Customers would have to line up at shops to purchase the shoes, and the process was often unreliable.

However, thanks to the internet and social media services, like-minded people can get together in cook groups. They can also run bots to find the best deals as they’re made available automatically and leave the purchasing of in-demand items to a lottery of users who all rush to purchase the pair of shoes online.

Additionally, resellers are further bolstered by the rise of factory-laced sneaker proxies and second-hand selling websites such as eBay and Craigslist. These allow even the most budgeted users to find a market for any pair of sneakers they’re looking to resell.

The True Value of Information

Sneaker reselling is a hot topic, so it’s no surprise that many prefer to keep this multi-million dollar deal a secret. As more people begin to resell, there’s less product and buyers for other resellers to find. However, with the right amount of tenacity and patience, anyone can join the ranks after buying their first pair of discounted shoes.

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