Social Media and eCommerce: How They Are Merging and Why It Matters


Social media is so intertwined in people’s lives these days that when Facebook was down for a brief time on September 3rd, it caused a tsunami of protests by many users going through social media withdrawal — all posted on the other top-rated platform of Twitter.

Replicating the kind of success that’s been achieved by those social media giants is the aspiration of any number of comers.

And some have made names for themselves: There’s (Facebook-owned) Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other social media platforms that cut across many interests and user demographics. And new ones are regularly being launched. In early 2017, Adweek promoted six  “up-and-coming” alternatives to Facebook. But a year-plus later, none have even come close in terms of users and popularity.

The reality is that social media platforms rise and they fall. The field is extremely competitive, after all. And newbies that intend to succeed need to understand how to navigate in the landscape in an effective way.

To really break out in the social media space requires entrepreneurs to come up with something that’s not just new, and not just different, but that will solve a problem or make a task easier and do it differently than the other social media options out there.

Patrick Mackaronis and his team at Brabble were aware of the challenges before they started their company. Brabble, founded in 2013, is a social network that combines social media and eCommerce in one platform.

As Director of Business Development at Brabble, Patrick Mackaronis understood eCommerce was a key differentiator. He believed that users would see considerable value in a platform that would allow them to interact and build their social networks, but also enable social business transactions — peer-to-peer selling — comfortably and safely.

That’s part of Brabble’s appeal. But Brabble’s app also allows users to get paid to help others sell their products by sharing content on the platform. It’s a mix of online sales and online interaction, which is a niche that might just need to be filled in the social network space.

These days, social networking is a way of life that’s not going away. And eCommerce seems to be preferred over (and disrupting) brick and mortar stores, as eCommerce sales continue to rise among many different retailers. What better way to take advantage of two powerful digital trends than by combining them?

As a distinctive social media platform that’s neither a Facebook or a Twitter wannabe, Brabble is exactly what it needs to be to set itself apart in the crowded world of digital properties and the social media platforms.

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