Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Solar Panel


People nowadays ask curiously why solar energy is becoming a popular trend and what is so good about it. Homeowners often see it as a mere way to lower their utility costs. Solar power helps to boost electricity efficiency, which in return allows you to be fully in control of your utility usage and expenses. 

But there is more to installing solar panels in Las Vegas than this reason. 

So, what are the other why’s that you should know if you are going for solar energy? Here are the top five reasons for you to ponder on.

1. Solar Power Helps Save the Earth

The primary reason why solar energy is becoming popular is that it can help save our beloved planet, Earth. How? Solar power is the best approach to lower the carbon footprint worldwide. It is a form of renewable energy, which means it does not produce toxic by-products, such as greenhouse gases and fumes. Aside from the mechanism to harness the sun’s power and to convert it to usable energy, it does not need to exhaust other forms of resources. Therefore, you can guarantee that it is safe and earth-friendly

Solar power is sustainable and placing solar panels on your rooftop is the smartest way to participate in saving the environment and create a continual future for generations to come. You can take a step forward by installing solar panels on your home soon.

2. Solar Energy Can Help Utilize Unused Land

Do you have a piece of land but you do not know what to do with it? Installing solar panels may just be the answer you are looking for. 

But, why solar panels? With the rise of demand for solar energy, many residents would like access but not all can afford a full-blown installation. Moreover, across the U.S., there are quite a number of lands that are not utilized for anything at all. So, if you own even just a piece of land, you might want to consider having it installed with solar panels. 

Solar power can help you put your land to good use without having to destroy any of its natural topography. Moreover, you can even increase the general value of your land by doing so. 

For those who have vast lands, you might want to consider establishing a solar farm. It means installing several dozens of solar panels to harness the sun’s energy in large numbers. For example, 180,000 square meters of barren land turned to solar farms can power as much as more or less than 2,000 homes, depending on the various criteria.

3. Start Gaining Solar Incentives and Rebates

The rules and regulations on solar incentives and rebates vary from one U.S. State to another. In sunny Nevada, however, going solar will let you gain access to the State’s attractive incentives and rebates. Nevada is 5th in the country when it comes to solar energy utilization.

According to Nevada law, the Federal Solar Tax Credit is 26 – 30% of the total amount of your solar system. On top of this amount, you can also be qualified for other state incentives and programs. The federal solar tax credit allows a per-dollar reduction on your federal income tax. 30% credit is applicable if your home solar system’s installation happens on or before the 31st of December, 2019. From January 2020 onwards, the tax credit value lowers to 26%. According to reports, it will go down to 22% by 2021 and after this year, the tax credit for the home solar system ends. 

You can ask your local solar expert to help you understand how these incentives work.

4. Utilization of Solar Energy Can Help You Save Money.

Did you know that you spend thousands of dollars a year on your utility bills, where electricity has the highest percentage? According to studies, the average energy expenses of a common household is about $3,000 per person, including travel and home energy consumption. Shifting to solar energy can significantly lower and even eliminate electricity expenses as soon as your solar system is working. Going solar is also great for long-term saving when installed. There is no need to spend on other resources as all you need to do is to harvest the sun’s power.

5. Solar System Can Increase Your Property Value

Whatever property you have, be it residential, commercial, or industrial, installation of solar panels can significantly boost your resale value. Property seekers acknowledge how a property with solar panels rises above those that do not have. Why? Think about it this way. If you are the buyer, there is no need for you to shell out another investment for the solar system and its installation. Right?

Studies show that residential owners perceive an average of $5,500 value raise per kilowatt of solar power installed. It means that if you have a 3.1 KW system, you might be able to increase your resale value by about $17,000. 

Moreso, solar panels improve the lifespan of a roof as they are an additional shield from external elements, including snow, rain, etc. They allow the structure to be more energy-efficient, especially on hot days, because the sun is not hitting the roof directly. Instead, the heat is absorbed through the panels.

Final Thought

All you have to shell out is the initial investment for your solar system and installation. Other than that, there is no need for you to spend more as the energy from the sun is free. We can use it without the risk of destroying the earth’s natural resources, plus it is a renewable and non-perishable form of energy. 

Therefore, aside from letting you significantly cut down on your utility expenses, you have five more reasons why you should have solar panels installed in your property as stated above. While you can see its benefits as soon as you start using it, you will learn how amazing it is on a long-term basis. Remember, the longer you utilize solar energy, the more you get to save the earth and save money along the way. 

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