Some Inexpensive Business Promotion Tactics on a Shoestring Budget


A new business should always give top priority to marketing and promotion so that it could boost overall brand awareness. Whether you are having an e-commerce business online or a brick-and-mortar business, you need and wish to let the entire world know about it. But unfortunately, most businesses operate on a shoestring budget initially so you need to chalk out an effective brand promotion plan keeping all the budgetary constraints in mind.

As per, the very idea of promoting your business could seem pretty challenging particularly when you are having a small business and an equally small budget. However, the best part is that the promotion of your business would not necessarily cost thousands of dollars.

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It is understood that growing business could prove to be overwhelming and difficult. You must have a viable idea, to begin with. You must then identify a profitable niche, specify target audiences, and sell something of value to them. However, remember without perfect business promotion strategies for fueling your overall growth, staying afloat and churning out profits seem to be impossible. Let us explore certain effective business promotion tips.

Create Top Quality Blog Content

You must treat your blog with seriousness and dedication. It must be regarded as the foundation of other marketing and promotional efforts. It is precisely where you guide visitors, capture leads, and go about nurturing relationships. You must schedule your content regularly so that it caters to the interests and needs of your audience.

Create Your Account on ‘Google My Business’

It is important to have an account on ‘Google My Business’ for showing up in the local search. This would be ensuring that your business would be displayed on the search along with Google + and Google Maps.

Develop a Cheap or Free Email List

All business owners must have their distinct email lists. However, just when you are initiating a business, it is not a good idea to pay a monthly fee that several email management services are used to charging. Fortunately, most email services would be offering the service free for all those businesses that have a relatively smaller list. For example, you could avail free services from Mail Chimp provided your list has less than 2000 subscribers.

Rely on Lanyards to Boost Promotion

Lanyards are often utilized by businesses to further their promotional aspirations. Lanyards are worn by all your customers to publicize your current business. Lanyards are customized using unique designs, logos, colors, print styles, fabric, etc. so that you could distribute them among your staff for generating business awareness. You could promote your brand via lanyards. Lanyards are a cheap option for generating superior quality promotion material. You could distribute customized lanyards among your employees and distribute them among people present at a conference or trade show. Lanyards could be utilized as chiefly ID cardholders. Seek assistance from reputed companies like for customized lanyards for promoting your business.

Focus on Guest Posting on Well-Known Niche Sites

Guest posting could be a super-effective way of reaching a broader and new audience. You must remember to incorporate a backlink to your website into your bio.

Focus On Commenting On Blog Posts

It is a wise idea to leave thoughtful comments when you come across other people’s blogs that you follow. This could be a fantastic way of grabbing attention and getting noticed by blog owners, as well as, their visitors.


Follow the above tips for promoting your new business on a shoestring budget. You could boost your overall brand awareness without burning a hole in your pocket.

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