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SOC is generally an office which is outsourced and dedicated absolutely to analyze the flow of traffic and to monitor the threats and attacks carefully. Since in the modern technological world, data breaches and cyber-attacks are becoming popular, it is important for companies to place an emphasis on keeping their technological assets secure. Many organizations fail to afford to employ a full time IT security system in the house due to some financial constraints and competing priorities. Partnering with SOC is the smart solution to this problem. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of SOC (security operations centre). 

How Security operations center (SOC) works?

Until the cloud computing recent increase, companies used to choose traditional software for the standard security practice known as SaaP malware scanning solutions wither with the help of CD Rom or download. The companies also use to add firewall which at the network edge was installed. They used to trust that their data would be safe. These systems have weakened since hackers have developed new ways to launch attacks such as ransomware. SOC, on the other hand, is a software as a service which is represented as a SaaS software model since it operates as a subscription service in the cloud. It, therefore, offers high-level cybersecurity which is monitored constantly. In case of any vulnerability, the SOC gets engaged with the team of IT on-site and respond to the issues immediately by investigation of the cause. The North American Cybersecurity service provider works efficiently as compared to previously used cybersecurity systems.

Benefits of SOS:

Cybersecurity is essential for all organizations. In many situations, the cybersecurity models have proven efficient with many advantages.

Financial advantages:

The biggest of the budget in most of the companies is the salary of employees. For cybersecurity recruitment of professional team needs a huge investment. While adopting the SOC model, you pay for the service with lesser liability and transparent terms.

Downtime minimization:

When a website or any app goes down, revenue is lost and also it has a negative impact on the reputation of a company. Making use of SOC can reduce the efforts and in this way, short time is needed to incident resolution. Even the tools which claim reliable uptime monitoring sometimes are not that efficient. In this way, SOC is really beneficial.

High level of customer’s trust:

The data breach such as Capital one can shake the trust level of customers and they always feel insecure about trusting a company with their personal data. Since there is a little room of error in SOC and it works round the clock to monitor the system, companies can get trusted by their customers which are a real success for the companies.

Best Practices of SOC:

Several best practices of SOC have emerged since it has been established for years. For SOC, to succeed these are not mandated needs but when choosing a SOC provider they are important to consider.

Automation Implementation:

The teams of SOC are supposed to be efficient all the times. They just cannot waste their time in the reading of the log entries and traffic flow monitoring; they rather need automation implementation for SOC computer tools making use of artificial intelligence to sort out the patterns.

Cloud approach:

In the past, you were allowed to slap a firewall at the data centre edge and stay calm believing that the things are protected. With the help of cloud computing movement, the SOCs need to consider a wide variety of scope. They need to analyze the way infrastructure should interact and where vulnerabilities are kept hidden.

Read hacker’s mind:

Hackers and cybercriminals always search for new ways to attack organizations. The solution is always to stay ahead of them and in this way creative approach is needed by SOC teams. The SOC teams cannot always worry about the antiquated threats or else they will be simply blind to new kind of attacks. The crucial activities at SOC include penetration and Chaos testing since these teams have to look for vulnerabilities existing in the unexpected locations.

Technologies and SOC solutions:

The teams have a broad range of SOC technologies. The basic toolbox is offered by the firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Nowadays small products are being launched in the market making the SOC tasks highly efficient and accurate.

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