How to Start Your Career as AWS Developer?

Industry Requirement for AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers cloud computing platforms for the use of organizations’ data. It is a subsidiary of, which was started in 2013. Providing great opportunities in the market, one must involve in learning AWS as a developer. Options like AWS tutorial can be considered to learn this leading course for developers. Cloud services have become an important part today. AWS developers are in demand that IT specialists are looking for their companies. In a short span of time, AWS has grown up as one of the finest profiles in the IT industry.

In 2017, according to reports related to IT services and income, AWS-certified professionals made visible income growth of 10% in comparison to 2016. Also, other reports suggested that it is amongst the top paying jobs. Moreover, theoretical knowledge of AWS platform along with hands-on experience is a plus point for the developers. It is this blend of theory and practice that enhances the value of this certification in the industry.

Enormous Job Opportunities

According to some significant reports generated by leading platforms, the cloud infrastructure facility of Amazon is ahead of other services like the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Amazon claimed and initiated a knowledge hub for the aspiring AWS designer. The portal so formed dedicated to certification and training of AWS designer’s growth.

There is a collection of facilities related to cloud computing that can be transformed into an on-demand computing platform. Amazon Web Services runs from 14 different locations around the globe. Various services offered by the platform include interacting, storing, computing, database request, analytics, expansion, and others. Also, some tools are based on Internet of Things. Majorly, all the companies in the world need to use cloud computing services to initiate some purposes. Briefly, consider AWS as a cost-effective platform that seamlessly offers computing measurements in no time. Therefore, one must not wait and grab the certification to find the way to many job opportunities.

AWS Developer Certification

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People who want to make a fine career path towards maintaining and developing of AWS applications should take the certification. It is classified into two levels, Associate level and Professional level. For entrance level, AWS certification of the Associate level is perfect while the professionals who are AWS certified involved in development and operations (DevOps) engineering must pick Professional level.

Package Offered to AWS Certified

Interestingly, there are numerous job opportunities available in the field of cloud computing. As per a survey performed by Forbes, US has more than 3 lacs jobs out of nearly 4 million jobs dedicated to IT professionals.

The median salary of a cloud computing professional is more than $100,000 in a year. However, it can vary as the certification and experience possessed by a candidate. Moreover, other surveys have highlighted over 18 million available jobs for an experienced cloud computing expert.

Why Choose AWS Developer Career

As we have discussed above, AWS is a popularly accepted platform for cloud computing services and possess robust career opportunities.

Apparently, organizations are embracing AWS based applications on a higher rate where

AWS certificated professional is the key. It is a higher level certification program that can increase the value of a developer. Also, the salary offered by these professionals is one of the effective factors to choose this career track.

Important Criteria to Fulfill

  • Experience of more than 1 year in designing of distributed systems having fault-tolerant and scalable features.
  • Extensive knowledge of High-level programming language is required.
  • Candidates must identify requirements related to AWS applications.
  • 400;”>Must know the deployment of hybrid systems with hybrid systems and AWS components.
  • Capacity to build reliable and safe applications of AWS.

The current market value associated with AWS development is strong along with promising job opportunities. Go through the requirements and professional capabilities and build the path accordingly. AWS is a powerful platform to learn for today’s developers.

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