Why Should You Start Live Streaming Sports?

Watching sports have always been one of the top rated viewership all around the globe. Sports have always got high raking where viewing is concerned on television. With the digital world taking over everything, now you can watch your favorite match live on the internet in real time.

With the streaming media services like Netflix and Amazon coming into the picture, television has lost its steam. Streaming media boxes like Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV are taking the place of regular cable subscriptions. All you need here is a good internet connectivity.

Did you know sports takes up 40% of television viewing? With sports organizations starting to stream tournaments, matches and regular games, television is now becoming part of furniture in the living room. People like to watch things on real time and on the go. And live streaming sports help you do just that.

One of the key reasons why you should focus on creating a live streaming website is because of its fast growing user base and infinite popularity. Live streaming has the potential to reach millions in just a single click. Imagine the amount of viewership and the footprints on your website. Consider the amount of traffic being driven to your website hosting a live streaming match. This new tactics is considered as fast money and with less hassle.

The video live streaming market is growing at an alarming rate. In 2016 it was $30 billion industry. In five years the figure has been predicted to double, in fact more than double and reach $70 billion by 2021.

One platform that has the potential of driving in huge amount of revenue for your business. The growth pace is too fast and has no inclination of slowing down either. Why don’t you become one of the service providers and take advantage of this incredible platform? Also, you can check here Top 20 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free 2018 at techsko.

Want to create a platform and start sports streaming live? It can be a humongous task if you start doing it all alone. Chances are you might not know where to start and where to end, what goes in the middle as well. Even if you hire a developer, it needs a lot of things such as designing, developing, wire-framing, cloud hosting and a number of other minute and intricate things. All these aspects when brought together will help you create live streaming website that will bring loads of revenue.

You can also ask them to add features that will help you monetize your website. You will soon have regular source of money through you live streaming sports. The key features installed in your website or app should be:

  • Android / iOS App suitability
  • Subscribe now
  • User dashboard
  • Profile settings
  • Pay-per-view settings
  • Social media logins
  • Commenting platform
  • Push notifications
  • Payment gateway

How live streaming works?

When it comes to broadcasting, live streaming is quite similar to that of broadcasting on television. When it comes to sports, multiple cameras placed at various angles are connected to a master studio where there should be a techie who knows how to switch between various feeds. This studio can also be a mobile location.

Through dedicated live streaming software hosted in the live stream server. Live streaming helps you reach your target no matter how big the market is. Companies that are into live streaming sports offer free or subscription based viewership. You need to have an accessible cloud-based architecture that can cater to any size of audience.

Factors influencing streaming:

If you are planning to start sport live streaming you first need to understand why you should start it in the first place. This will help you comprehend the advantages of live sports streaming. The pointers are given below:


Getting slots to broadcast on television has always been expensive and complicated. Getting a single slot itself is irksome. Therefore, live streaming gives you easier and faster options. This makes it cheaper as well.

Worldwide approach

Television gives you limited viewership and it is definitely geo-location based. All these logical challenges cannot be ignore. However, live streaming helps you reach global audience with or without subscriptions. You can remove any geographical barrier and broadcast your streams to the entire world directly. This does not include extra expenses and complicated contracts either. You also don’t have to go after channel partners or distributors either.

Streaming on multiple devices

Unlike television, all sports live streaming can be done on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Therefore, just owning a smart phone is enough for your target audience to view your live streaming.

Custom viewing

Live streaming has taken the concept of viewership to another level. This custom programming is extremely popular now among sports lovers. The viewers can also get to watch two different matches side by side simultaneously on the same screen.

Audience engagement

After you start sport live streaming, you can keep your viewers engaged and involved by offering them other activities. They can start polls, comment on forums, start a thread, share trivia and overlay scores of other games – all this during the match streaming. This level of audience engagement is extremely appreciated by live streaming channels.

Make money

Not all sports live streaming channels are paid. Some are free as well. However if you want to start sport live streaming, you can generate a lot of money. Live streaming channels offer its viewer’s options such as:

  • pay-per view
  • limited access viewing
  • limited period access
  • monthly subscriptions

You can offer any one or more than one of the options to your audience and reap profit. Most of the live streaming sports channels offer pay-per-view or monthly subscriptions to their audience. Viewers like this flexibility, instead of taking regular monthly subscriptions, a viewer can take limited period offer or pay-per-view payment option.

What is in store in future?

Cable subscription is taking a backseat. Most Millennial are opting for live streaming channels to stay updated and engage. Live streaming options help them catch up with the rest of the world no matter where they are. They are no longer depending upon television. The future prediction is simple and easy: live streaming is here to stay and will take media and entertainment to another level.

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