Starting a Business During COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know


Starting a technology-based business at any time is a courageous undertaking. You did the research, you created the business plan and sales process, and you poured countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears into making your business dreams become a reality. What you may not have anticipated while working on your own business was the world being taken over by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus has forced many of us to switch gears, change plans, and wait to see what happens. But it is still possible to start your business now, and could even be beneficial at this moment as many people now work remotely and the scope of the workforce is beginning to shift. Learn what you need to know about starting a business during COVID-19.

Try to incorporate remote solutions when possible.

The fact is that none of us know when things will return to “normal,” or if they ever will. In the meantime, as people try to stay home as much as possible and minimize their trips into the outside world, they will be turning to those businesses that provide remote solutions to their problems, such as a call center, a product configurator, remote sales process, virtual reality tours, and more.

It’s an increasingly remote world, so allow employees to work remotely if possible. If you show your employees that you care for their safety by allowing them to work from home, they’ll likely be more loyal to you in return. Studies have shown that employees are happier when they can work from home and that company retention rates increase as well. It may also increase employee productivity, which is an added bonus for you as a new business owner during an uncertain time in our history.

Use software to increase your online sales.

Product configurator software is an interesting and engaging way to get customers to visit your website and also work with your business. This software, which can easily be added to your existing site, allows customer to create customizable products that they can order directly from you without having to come into a store. It can also display real-time pricing to show them how much their custom product will be with everything they have chosen. This functionality can improve the customer experience and increase the user-friendliness factor of your company’s site. If customers can design their product without coming inside and potentially getting exposed to the virus, then they may be more inclined to buy from you.

To make sure that customers can easily communicate with you via phone calls, use reliable software, such as Oracle call center software, to set up a call center. A sales rep can speak with someone who calls in and address their concerns, take their order, or answer questions they might have without them needing to leave their house. If your software interacts with Salesforce, then your employees can enter customer information easily while on the phone with them.

Include COVID-19 safety training in all on-boarding materials.

When you bring on a new employee, make sure they are educated in all the company policies regarding COVID-19 safety. This will help ensure that all employees know exactly what needs to be done to protect customers as well as themselves if anyone is working or visiting your physical business space. Make sure you have a plan in place that follows CDC guidelines and outlines your expectations for employees as to what personal protective equipment they should use as well as how to reinforce customers wearing masks on the premises.

Deepak Rupnar
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.

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