How To Fix Steam Download Speed Slow Issue?

steam download speed slow

When you try to download a game on Steam and your game is not getting downloaded at higher speeds in spite of having a good Internet, do you get frustrated? Don’t worry we have got many solutions for this error. This problem can be so hectic sometimes; you can’t even download a single game.

If you think you’re the only one facing the Steam download speed slow issue then you’re absolutely wrong. Huge number of players face this kind of issue daily. So, now without wasting the time let’s get directly into the fix. These fixes written below are tried and tested by many users and have successfully solved the Steam download speed slow problem. Try every solution written below, one of it will solve your problem definitely: –

Follow the fixes written below, don’t try to skip a single step: –

 How to fix Steam download speed slow?

1.   Check whether your internet connection is up and running: 

In most of the cases where Steam download speed slow problem arises is due to the poor internet connection. Check whether the internet is accurate or not, try restarting your Wi-Fi modem, this can help you to solve this problem.

You should also check whether your LAN (if you use) is working correctly or not. Internet issues are the only reason most of the time.

Try fixing your internet. If your Internet connection is up and running, try the next solution for Steam download speed slow 

 2.   Clear the Download Cache:

Download cache can sometimes create havoc. When you’re experiencing the Steam download speed slow issue try to clear the Download cache. 

Follow these steps to clear the Download Cache:

  1.     Launch the Steam app
  2.     Go to settings
  3.     Click on downloads -> clear download cache
  4.     Click ok to clear cache.
  5.     Restart Steam

Now you can check whether the download speeds are back to normal or not. If not, let’s get into the next solution for Steam download speed slow issue.

 3.   Disable your Firewall:

Some of the firewalls and antivirus software can hinder your downloading speed. So, try disabling the firewall and antivirus software too. Third party antivirus software can sometimes cause a clash with the Steam client servers, which can cause Steam download speed slow issue.   

Don’t worry about viruses or anything while downloading from Steam because steam is the verified downloading software. It will not harm your Computer by any means. So, try this method to solve the issue. After disabling the firewall and antivirus, consider restarting your computer and then start the Steam. Check whether the download speed is now faster than previous or not.

This solution will help you to solve the Steam download speed slow issue, if not let’s get into the next fix.

 4.   Check the download region:

Steam uses the server for downloading an app or a game. Steam connects you to the best available server, nearby to your area. Sometimes, the steam app may change the download region and can set the far away region. This will cause Steam download speed to slow down. To fix this issue try to set the download region which is nearby your home. 

To select the region manually follow the steps written below:

  1.     Open Steam and click on Steam button on top left corner
  2.     Click on settings
  3.     Go to downloads
  4.     You will see the Download Region consisting of a drop down.
  5.     Select the region manually
  6.       Click OK

Now, start the download and check for whether Steam download speed slow issue is solved or not. If this solution works for you then it’s well and good, if it fails to work then move on to the next solution. 

 5.    End heavy, but not in use tasks:

If you were working on the heavy apps and you are done with the work, then try to clear that app from the background. The heavy task in background gives maximum bandwidth of the internet to that app which automatically lowers the download speed on steam. Try to clear all the background apps which are not in use any more, which will help you to solve the Steam download speed slow issue.

To clear the background apps follow the steps giver below:

  1.     Open Task manager
  2.     Check for the unwanted apps which are taking maximum resources of your computer
  3.     Left click on that process, a drop down will appear
  4.     Click on End process, this will kill the on-going process and provide maximum resources to steam.

After clearing all the unwanted apps, start the download of the game and see whether the Steam download speed slow issue is solved or not. If your steam is still not working, don’t worry we still got a few more solutions for you. 

 6.    Update Network Drivers:

If your network drivers are corrupted or old, then try to update network drivers. Old or corrupted network drivers can slow down your internet speed. This method can also solve the Steam download speed slow issue. 

To update the network drivers follow the steps written below:

  1.     In the search bar besides the start button, search for driver manager.
  2.     Click on Network adapters, a drop down will appear.
  3.     Updated all the drivers below
  4.     Select update automatically. It will download and install the latest drivers.

This solution can work to solve the internet issue for your computer. Try this solution and see whether the game download speed is faster than previous or not.

 7.    Reinstall Steam:

This the most working solution for the Steam download speed slow issue. Reinstalling Steam has solved this error for many users. Uninstalling the app clears all the data and cache created by steam. Sometimes Steam files can get corrupted and cause this issue

To uninstall steam follow this method:

  1.     Open Control panel, click on uninstall programs
  2.     A list of Programs installed on your computer will appear
  3.     Search for Steam, select it and left click on it
  4.     Click uninstall

This will uninstall your steam and also clear its redundant files. After uninstalling the Steam, go to Steams official website and install it. This solution will definitely fix the Steam download speed slow issue.

So these were few solutions to solve the Steam download speed slow issue. To get faster download speed, installing a good internet connection is recommended. Hope these solutions help you to solve this issue. The Steam download speed slow issue is not a major issue, so don’t worry, follow all the steps written above and enjoy faster download speeds. Steam is the best platform for downloading a game legitimately.

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