Step by Step Improvements: What Are 3 of the Most Effective E-Learning Practices?

Learning online can be difficult for some people because it doesn’t offer the same type of interaction you get in a physical classroom. At the same time, online learning is liberating because you can still live your life and have your normal schedule while simultaneously getting a great education. Here are three practices that will make your e-learning experience much better.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is considered an amazing skill that companies love. This allows you to complete several tasks at once and be as productive as possible. At the same time, it’s been proven that multitasking takes your focus away from the task, which can lead to lower retention of information.

When you turn on the course and read or watch the educational materials, it’s best to turn off everything else and only pay attention to the course. Don’t try to do your homework at the same time or other work tasks. Focus only on the course so that you absorb everything as much as possible. You can multitask later once the course is over.

Take Notes

It should be obvious, but taking notes is one of the best ways to retain information. If you were in a physical classroom, then you would likely take notes because the teacher is there and expecting you to take notes. Some people forego this with online classes because they are not being watched. It might feel like you are properly retaining the information as you are listening to the videos and participating in the class, but you’re likely not retaining nearly as much as you think.

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Even though you aren’t being watched, it’s best to take notes as if the teacher is right there in front of you. While e-learning allows you to get online IT training that is flexible to your schedule, it’s best to pretend that you are still in an actual classroom and that you follow the protocol of taking notes and paying attention to the teacher.

Network with Other Students

Most online classes allow you to speak with students through chat software. This might seem like a useless feature initially, but it’s best to take advantage of it and network with your peers. Normally you would network with peers to help you along with your career by forming connections and seeing what opportunities arise. Since IT online learning is a little different, and most of the students currently have jobs and are learning new skills to enhance their career, this may or may not still be a benefit.


The other benefit is that it helps you retain information and learn even more skills from your peers. Just try to speak with other students and get their opinion on the courses, the skills being covered and ask questions if necessary. Remember that this isn’t a competition, so don’t be scared of asking a question with an obvious answer. Networking also makes the course more enjoyable because you have people to speak to that share your interests.




Online IT classes are amazing because it allows you to learn new skills at your own pace and mold the classes around your schedule. At the same time, online courses can be difficult for some people since you don’t have a teacher looking over your shoulder. These three practices will help you improve your retention rate for the best results.

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