Steps to Smarter Studying for 12th Board


Your class 12th result is one of the most important milestones in your life. As a working adult, this result will be used as a doorway for most of the opportunities that come your way. It is time to stop messing around and take board exams seriously. You might have heard, “work smarter, not harder”. In this quote, working smarter doesn’t mean that your efforts will be reduced exponentially. It means that you can make the best out of the time invested in that particular task.  If you are going to study without any research and planning, you will not be able to get desirable results, therefore, you should take out some time to prepare a study plan. In this article, we will provide you with a few ways to implement in your life to get an awesome board result.

Let’s begin.

#1: Prepare a study plan

If you will dive into your textbooks and start working on them aimlessly, you will not be able to monitor your progress perfectly. Without any target or milestones, you are likely to struggle with the huge syllabus. Take a day out of your session and prepare a plan that will help you throughout your preparation. Set small feasible targets and work to get them done. This is the best way to finish your syllabus on time. You can track the portions that you have completed and take mini-tests to evaluate your preparation. You should try to make a flexible plan such that you have enough time to complete your mundane tasks. Also, give yourself a break every once in a while to stay focused and motivated.

#2: Stay Focused

As mentioned in the previous point, you should give yourself enough breaks and rest to keep your brain working at its best. There are days when you don’t feel like studying, you should not force yourself on those days. You can only accumulate pressure in return for a little preparation.Take deep breaths. You might have heard that taking deep breaths can help you focus. Well, it is true. The scientific reason behind this is the circulation of oxygen throughout our bodies. Deep breaths can take oxygen to our brain to enhance its functioning. Set 15-minute breaks in your study sessions. Leave your desk and take some time to refresh your mind. It will help you focus and you will learn more efficiently.

#3: Time Management

During your 3 hour examination period, you don’t have time to get distracted. Every minute you waste will put you at a disadvantage. Therefore, it is advised to work on your time management as well as your speed. Try to use a pen while preparing for most of the subjects. It will increase your speed over time. Also, you will have a fair idea about the time that you should invest in each section.

#4: Prepare from Books in your Curriculum

The books in your curriculum should be your primary source of preparation. These books will cover most of the questions that you will face in your final exams. Go through your textbooks thoroughly before moving further with any additional resources like reference books, or manuals. If you can grab the concept, then you don’t have to refer to any additional book but if you face difficulty with the complex topics, only then you should buy a reference book. Either way, you should complete your textbook before using any external source. If you go through previous year’s question papers, you will realize that most of the questions are derived from your textbook.

#5: Focus on Scoring Subjects

There are some subjects like English that are scoring but students spend most of their time preparing for subjects like CBSE class 12 physics and lose marks in the scoring subject as well. You need to give proper attention to those scoring subjects as they will increase your overall percentage. Even if they are easy to prepare, you should try to aim for perfect marks in these subjects. Prepare their notes, attempt sample papers, and revise them. Never neglect these subjects.

#6: Attempt Sample Papers

Once you are done with the syllabus, you should attempt a lot of sample papers. It will help you in understanding the examination structure. It will also teach you how to manage your time during examinations. You should solve at least one sample paper every day.  Use a clock to find the time-consuming sections and allot a time slot to work on those topics. Since this is just a practice session. You can still work to get that perfect score.

#7: Get Enough Sleep

Your sleep is the only time when your mind can refresh itself. If you mess up your sleeping schedule, your brain will suffer. Take 7 hours of sleep every night. Even if your exams are close, they should not affect your night’s sleep. Even the night before the exam, you should sleep well. You want your brain to function perfectly but sleep deprivation can be fatal. Instead of studying till late, you should wake up early with a fresh mind and revise all the important points. Avoid starting any new topic and focus on the topics that you have prepared. Preparing at the eleventh hour usually doesn’t help. Therefore, stay calm and focused.

#8: Health

While preparing for exams, students are likely to neglect their health. They fail to consider the possibility of high fever and a running nose. You will not be able to learn anything when you are busy wiping your nose. Therefore, you should take good care of yourself. If your body is not at its best, your body will prioritize healing over learning.


To achieve something, you need to put in the effort. There is no shortcut to success. If you prepare for your exams efficiently, you will get a perfect grade. Instead of taking it to the last few weeks, you should start preparing today.

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