Technologies Driving Innovation in the Online Casino Industry

Online Casino Industry

It is said that technology is always adopted by the ‘sin’ industries fastest and that is somewhat true. The newest technologies open up new ways of interaction between the customers and the online casino taking an already incredible experience to an all-new level. Some of the leading players in the world, like Betway Casino, have already started implementing these technologies and offering them to their customers.

Here are some of the things that are coming fast to the industry and all of them will affect you directly.

VR and AR

Online casinos have been trying to give their customers the entire casino experience ever since they started out. Now, with VR and AR games, they are closer than ever to match up to the real thing.

There are a number of online casinos that have an entire dedicated VR section and there are even some that have some social features that allow you to interact with other players while playing your favorite games.

The industry is at an inflection point as the technology behind VR becomes more common, the cost of the headsets is coming down, and internet speeds are getting to where they need to be.

Gaming options for wearables

Smartwatches are a huge segment now and there are over 60 million smartwatches being used across the world. This number keeps on rising and it is natural that online casinos are seeing how they can offer something to their customers on that tiny screen as well.

Think of casino games that are different from traditional ones. Simple apps that you can access on the go and actually play with real money for.

NetENT, Microgaming, and other leading game makers in this industry are already showing ideas off to potential clients and it is just a matter of time before we see a flood of these apps come to the market.

Instant Settlement Option

 One of the biggest gripes that people have had about online casinos is the time taken to get your withdrawal or the hoops that they have to go through to make the payments in the first place. With cryptocurrency gaining mass adoption, there are a number of underlying, low-cost, payment channels that can be used to make instant settlement an option.

The technology that runs the blockchain for Bitcoin or Etherium has been proven to work without making a mistake over the last decade now. There are a number of companies that are working on applications that will work with the card in your pocket but on the blockchain to make instant transactions a reality.

No more waiting for your money while withdrawing and you will also be able to deposit money in a second with complete privacy and security.

Targetted bonuses and offers

Yes, we know that this has been talked about for a long time and not quite delivered. We are not sure being shown the last game you played every time or the last online casino that you searched about counts as personalization.

No, we are talking about the pampering of customers like traditional casinos used to.

High-rollers will receive coupon codes and targetted offers from online casinos of their choice that will give them access to fine-dining, tickets for high-value events, and even holiday vouchers.

The casinos will be able to collect enough data about their customers that they will be able to offer gifts and rewards that go far beyond what is available in the virtual realm. If you are a high-roller, then your experience of playing at an online casino is going to get a serious upgrade very soon.

Ganesh Kolekar is a graduate and geek. He is the man behind keeping the quality of the posts and manages the content part on the website.