Technology Used to Improve Supply Chain Security


The supply chain is incredibly important for your business, no matter what you’re selling. It’s the lifeblood of your company. A weakness in this area of your venture can cripple your business beyond belief, so the running of your supply chain needs to be immaculate and problem free. This will ensure an easy ride for customers, and a smooth production and distribution process for you.

Of course, the supply chain is an assemblage of many different stages, and if any of them collapses then disaster isn’t looming too far behind. Still, you can’t handle it all alone. You need some backup, and people can only do so much. It’s time to use technology to improve your supply chain security, and here’s how you should do it.

Quality Couriers

The supply chain is redundant if it has no place to go. Otherwise it’s just stagnant stock, sitting on a shelf without a use or interest from another party. Of course, even if it has a place to go, your goods can still be heavily damaged during the transit problem. This can be a crucial time where your supply chain is particularly vulnerable and speaks of your company’s capability.

You need a courier who is going to deliver your goods with as little bother as possible. To do this, you need to head online and browse companies such as Parcel2Go, who will help you transport and protect your items efficiently, ensuring that your goods are well looked after. They digitally offer quotes and comparisons of other couriers, ensuring that you find the best deal for your business quickly. This way every delivery is both effective and affordable, and time is saved of you making phone calls and negotiating rates.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The supply chain is vast and complicated, especially if you’re a business expanding beyond local reach. After all, you’re not exactly sending one or two things out into the world. Some businesses ship out hundreds and thousands of products every day, pumping out the goods to homes the world over. It can quickly get out of control, and human heads aren’t enough to keep track of it all.

Technology can! Radio Frequency Identification allows you to slap your goods with a chip that subsequently allows you to keep tabs on all your inventory out in transit. Visibility is key to ensure a smoothly operating business. For example, if your goods get stolen during transit, you can tip off the authorities as to where they can be found immediately. Moreover, if a courier is lost, you can then course correct with them. Put simply, it’s vital you look into this! 

Cyber Security

When someone mentions the supply chain, it’s easy to imagination material assets alone. A security guard, or even basic technology like CCTV can watch the doors and stock all day long. Still, security isn’t always breached in a physical sense. As technology develops, more snide people have other ways of compromising everything you’ve worked hard for. Consequently, you need to be on guard.

Your supply chain is recorded as data in some fashion, and it’s important that it’s encrypted. After all, this is what hackers can go for, gaining information about your supply chain rather than the literal assets themselves. Knowledge is power, and sometimes awareness of your trade and production process is enough to lay your company low. Moreover, people shouldn’t be able to just snoop in on any aspect of your business in general, so protect your privacy and encrypt your data.

Ganesh Kolekar
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