The 8 Best Ways to Prevent Spam Emails


Individuals, Companies and Organizations are always on the lookout for new ways to try and counter the threat of spam email.

Spam email can seriously debilitate business operations and also had an adverse impact on impact by stealing money or private information. It is for this reason that we stress the importance of coming up for a standard practice to addressing the threat of spam email, seeing that it is implemented and ensuring that you are aware of the latest threats from cybercriminals.

We have compiled a list of the basic email spam prevention rule that you, or your company, should live by. These are very basic and should only form an initial set of guidelines for what you need to do. The wisest tactic for a business is to partner to a specialist internet security firm to provide the gmail spam protection that is required at all times.

Rule 1: Think before you share your email address

Try not to share your email address with anyone that you have never met or done business with previously. Always be wary if you choose to subscribe to A news or website update service. If is a smart step to create a specific email just for receiving these types of message.

Guideline 2: Always avoid clicking on hyperlinks included in emails

One of the main chief tactics for spam list owners to verify if the addresses on their spamming are still in use is to send hyperlinks in email messages they sent out. Pings that result from web site visits allow the hackers to confirm which recipients are still active.

Guideline 3: Check is Sending Emails are Valid

Cybercriminals are fond of spoofing an email address to try and trick people into handing over lists of email addresses. An email may could have been created with a small difference from the real account to make it look like it came from an authentic source. Email recipients should always be careful to see if the message that they are being sent is originating from the correct sender.

Guideline 4: Beware of transaction requests!

Reay over the copy of email extremely carefully. Always be concerned if you are asked to complete an action or visit a link. This is a clear sign that the email is being sent by a cyber-criminal.

Guideline 5: Do not reply to people you don’t know!

Should you receive an email from a sender that you do not know in real life, or have had business dealings with previously, then DO NOT answer or reply to the email.

This is foolish and could easily result in the safety and security of your email account and databases being breached.

Guideline 6: Mask your email address if you can

Try and see to it that your email address can be scanned by spammers. Tpe out the letters of the words in numbers or do something similar.

Guideline 7: Never use your email address as a username

Using the same email address and username is asking for trouble. Never do so on an app or website service. Doing this makes it a lot simpler for cybercriminals to gain access to your account and personal details.

Guideline 8: Set up strong email filters

Lastly, you should get in the habit of marking spam email that get past your security so that your email filters will learn and spot similar emails coming in going forward.

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