The basics for designing effective modern models

Just like an architect makes a building model before building it, in graphic design it also needs to make a mock-up, that is, a sketch of how the graphic project will be (posters, brochures, books, etc.). Layout allows us to distribute the different elements involved in design correctly, from text to images, graphics, resources, etc.

Models or grids affect the way users view and receive content and are always used in any graphic product, whatever its nature. While it is true that there are specific features, in general there are some common features in terms of modeling and which we will explain below.

1.- Keep in mind the dimensions: It’s important for you to know what space you will design. Depending on the format used (A4, A3, A5, etc.) You must adjust how various elements will be arranged, taking into account that there must always be an empty area that avoids excessive saturation.

2.- Balance in composition: The different elements that make up graphic products (photos, headlines, text, etc.) must seek harmony and compensate for each other. You have to imagine them, even when you use a sophisticated logo maker, as scales on a scale and ensure that everything is balanced. However, it might happen that at some point a deliberate imbalance is strived to achieve a certain result such as attracting the attention of the beholder, but that must always be justified.

3.- Send with pictures. Depending on the size used and its placement, photographs can communicate one way or another. If you want to maximize the effect of an image, it is recommended that the text enter the background and be smoother. If you choose not to resize the image, you will make the effect calmer and more relaxed. If you change the size and play with large and small photos, the result will be a more dynamic design.

4.- Order or dynamism? Although we have previously shown that in any model the balance in composition must dominate we can classify it of two types: symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Symmetrical equilibrium occurs when dividing the composition into two equal parts, there is an equal weight on both sides, that is, there are no prominent elements other than those that are important and heavy. The creation of symmetrical designs will give us a sense of order.

Asymmetric equilibrium is when dividing the composition into two equal parts, for example on banner mockup, the same dimensions do not exist in size, color, weight, etc. But there is a balance between the two elements. Choosing an asymmetric balance brings agitation, tension, dynamism, excitement and greater vitality into the design.

5.- Hierarchy of different texts. Typographic compositions that do not have a hierarchy of text, will have linear readings, have no surprises and are ideal for cases where the reading must be clear and direct, such as on pages of books with long-distance text. However, if you use various sizes and fonts in the brochure, they will help to group the content and show readers different levels of importance from what you want to communicate. It presents the headline correctly and uses visually differentiated space to display additional information.

6.- Contrasting tones and colors. The combination of intensity or contrast level that is different in color, size, texture, etc., can cause some sensation or something else to the reader. For example, in a light-dark combination, the heaviest element will always have the greatest weight. As for the colors you should know that the most effective contrast is obtained by combining different tones. The opposite colors are much more contrasting, while similar ones almost don’t do it and lose visual importance.

Hopefully, the tips above are useful for you.

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