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Phishing is like fishing. The phisher or people who launch or send phishing attack try to lure the target by using email. When the target or the people that receive the phishing attack email bite that bait, the phisher will get the access that they can use as they want. This is dangerous. The access from the non-allowed party will bring nothing but harm to your company. Fortunately, you can use software to protect your system from this attack. Here are the best among the many products you can find on the market.


Phish Protection can be considered to be one of the best anti-phishing software you can find today. They offer full protection against a phishing attack. The cloud-based service plus their quarantine feature prevent the dangerous message enter your system.

However, if we have to mention the best feature you can get from Phish Protection, the answer is the click and domain protection. The successful phishing attack mostly comes from the clicked link or the domain that looks like the real website. Phish Protection can provide real-time click protection. Then, it also has a domain name spoofing protection. So, the phishing attack won’t be able to enter from any direction.

REVE Antivirus

This antivirus software has been around since 2014. Today, they have been updated to the latest technology and adding many new and useful features. But, the main purpose of your search for software is finding the best anti-phishing solutions. And, REVE Antivirus is one of them.

REVE Antivirus has several features for preventing phishing attack. But, if we have to mention the best feature for phishing attack protection, there are two of them. They are the Web Security/Anti-Phishing feature. This feature will detect and analyze all links that come from the email, then block and prevent it to enter your system if those links are considered to be dangerous and malicious links.

The other anti-phishing protection is the email security feature. This feature detects and scans all attachment from the message. Some of the phishing attacks also can use the attachment and masquerade it into an online form where you need to enter your personal information. So, with this protection, you don’t need to worry about the attachment type of attack.

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard

Among many anti-phishing services you can find today, ESET Endpoint Protection Standard gives you many options for protecting your system from a phishing attack. This software has the best intrusion detection features that can detect any small activity that is considered harmful for your system. Moreover, you also can find a perfect remote management feature that allows you to adjust how this software work. If that is not enough, you also can find many tools you can use to detect and protect your system from phishing.

ESET Endpoint Protection software is the perfect choice for a midsize business. It can be integrated into the existing complex system in your company. However, the price is a little bit expensive for a small business. But, if you think this is worth investment, you can purchase it whatever business scale you have.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

Kaspersky is well-known in the data security industry. So, if we talk about anti phishing tools, this brand also has it, which is this Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. The phishing protection feature is excellent. It detects all attacks and considered to be attacked easily.

Kaspersky product is well-known for its aggressiveness in detecting and protecting your system. So, you won’t need to worry about the attack anymore. The feature that is also useful for phishing protection is network protection. This feature ensures that the network you use is safe from any malicious files or activity.


Those are the best anti-phishing software you can find on the market. Implementing them on your business system or your private network help you a lot prevent phishing attack. However, the most important thing that you must have other than the anti-phishing software is the knowledge about phishing attack.

You can start it simply by asking, what is phishing? Then find more about the attack pattern, the target that they aim often, and many more. Attending the course is also necessary if you want to minimize the risk of the mistake that causes the attack successfully breach your system. And, that’s all that you need.

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