The best app for productivity to make 2019 your year!


Our routines are often crammed with endless deadlines and it almost seems impossible to meet them on time. Most students struggle with being productive either due to poor time management skills or simply because they work in very distracting environments. The result of being unproductive is that students either feel helpless in getting things done or have to resort to other means like assignment services to get their tasks done. But if you are someone who keeps encountering issues with effective time management, then we believe that the following apps will really help you seize the day!

1. Todoist (Free, with in-app purchases)

The app has been a huge success with ten million satisfied users who have already brought about healthy changes to their lives with it. Here is how the app can help you become more productive:

  • Send timely reminders according to the entries you make within your schedule in the app.
  • The software helps you classify your tasks with proper order and timing as well, for example meetings, projects, etc. are categorically organized.
  • Keep in touch with co-workers to share project details as well as the deadlines.
  • Graphs to track your progress.
  • Color coded schemes for easier classification of tasks according to urgency.

The app is a complete office as well personal productivity planner.

2. Toggl (Free, with in-app purchases)

Especially designed for those students and employees who have trouble in managing time. This time tracking app will keep up with how you spend your time and on what tasks take the longest. This way you will be more mindful of what tasks take the longest to complete and where do you waste your time the most. The app has the following features:

  • Compatible with both desktop as well as your mobile phone.
  • The app stays active while you are working on your devices to keep track of your time and activity.
  • Insightful analysis of your time expenditure.
  • Easy data syncing.

This is the ultimate time management app!

3. Trello (Free, with in-app purchases)

Trello is an app that is available both on Android as well as IOS. This is a highly convenient app that also helps users to share their input through the app with other users. Here are some of its redeeming qualities:

  • Easy to use interface – which only requires dragging customizable notes or pictures into categorized lists.
  • Free app for making to-do lists and setting up reminders.
  • Helps prioritize tasks and manage deadlines.
  • Powerful collaborative tools that allow you to work conveniently with other platforms like Twitter, Evernote, Survey Monkey, GIPHY, and OneDrive.

You can avail the basic features of the app for free.

4. Slack (Free)

Quite contrary to the name, the app helps you avoid slacking off and get you working on the assignment you have been procrastinating – without seeking dissertation writing services. Slack is a cleverly designed communication tool – it helps you become more productive by sorting out your emails. Hence, you do not have to waste time diving deep into your mailbox to search that one email that your instructor sent months ago. It also helps:

  • Share files and documents to preset recipients.
  • Make video calls with co-workers.
  • Effectively organize work and communication with team members.
  • Categorize email conversations according to relevant topics for easier access.

Slack has become one of the most liked apps globally; with its net worth increasing to seven billion dollars! It has been useful to several companies like Oracle, hnd assignment help London and Capital One.

5. Evernote (Free with 60MB storage limit)

Now you need to scramble to make notes or be at a loss off creativity on the right time – with Evernote on your side, you can easily jot down fleeting ideas of spontaneous ingenuity. Here is how the app helps:

  • The software helps organize your hurriedly jotted down to-do lists.
  • A very productive app for dumping all relevant data, like notes, articles, links, pictures at one spot. This will make classifying and retrieving information for specific projects easier.
  • Sync your NoteBook with the app for a more convenient access to your data.
  • Add reminders to important tasks to get the timely prompts.

This is a great tool to allow you to brainstorm and collect data for your next project!

6. Asana (Free for teams with up to 15 people)

Asana is an app to increase your productivity, while working in teams, in the most efficient manner. The software helps you keep track of the most important tasks, with a very user-friendly interface. The unique visual display caters to reaching deadlines faster and keeps track of your progress. You will feel more gratified and motivated as you continue completing your to-do lists. It is a very efficient app at managing workload and supervising each team member’s progress.

7. Zapier (14-day free trail)

The app is a game changer! Instead of using several apps like Goggle Driver, Gmail, etc. now you can gain access to all of them at one stop, Zapier! The app works with integration systems aligned with Slack so that you can save time from shifting and checking multiple apps.

8. IFTT (Free)

If This Then That is an app that works on the similar algorithms as Zapier. The only difference is that it is free, but can integrate fewer apps in its system.

9. Pocket (Free with priced premium plans)

Pocket is basically designed for avid readers who would like to actively learn the material that they have gone through. If you come across an article that you would like to analyze more thoroughly later, you can simply bookmark it on the pocket app. You may easily find it in your saved articles and then review it. This is also an exceptionally handy tool for researchers who can easily dump the data into one specific app and sort it out later; make the initial sieving process more convenient.

If you are impressed by the details of any of the above mentioned apps, download them and try them out; with right implementation, you can certainly make the most out of each app and certainly get more done each day! May you have a productive year?

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