The Best 5 Online Logo Creators of Designing Your Brand

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Have you ever brainstorming a logo for your brand. Although hiring a designer to get this job is a great solution, the budget and the logo concept may be your two major concerns to make this decision. Actually, there are large graphics tools are available to help you complete this task. Hence, a list of some best logo maker tools is made for you. This list is going to introduce you to the best five online logo makers.

1. DesignEvo

DesignEvo would be the most customization logo for you could redesign all the elements applied in the template you choose. Besides, you could add funny icons to stand your logo outstanding.

Once you use DesignEvo to design your logo, it is the process to generate your logo; instead, it is you who are creating the logo even though you are just redesigning upon the template. This program is user-friendly that you are not required to have any designing experience. The one thing you need to do is unlocking your creativity. It deserves to take your time to create a professional-looking logo when you need.

2. Canva Logo Maker

Your logo represents your brand. Canva is a free online tool to create a stunning and professional logo. With the tool’s Drag and Drop option, you can easily learn how to design your logo with precision even if you are a beginner in designing.

A professional logo establishes your brand’s recognition and inspires others to trust you. Before designing your logo, you need to think about how you can show the essence of your brand. Then you can go to Canva’s huge template library and see which logo design suits best.

You can just pick out a cool new logo on Canva and design yourself!

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3. LogoMaker

LogoMaker claims that it is the best logos company in the world, in which they trust more than ten million businesses. They offer a simple system based on templates that only needs a couple of facts to start the process. All designs are highly customizable, and the editor is easy to use.

It has an easy guideline to generate your logo designing in four steps. Namely, texting for the logo, choosing a logo template, setting color and fonts then saving file. Once you try it, you would find your task is conducted as streamline. This point is great. But there is one part you may disappoint. That is the template is fixed so that you could not add other elements, like icons, clipart.

In general, the LogoMaker platform is simple and effective; the work will be done in minutes.

4. LogoJoy

LogoJoy updated its services recently to offer logo generator that is based on artificial intelligence and seamless machine learning. It provides hundreds of logo options to choose from. You could customize the design once created as well as.

Like LogoMaker, at the very beginning, LogoJoy also asks you to fill out some designing logo information including industry and company name. And then, the program will collect your favorites, such as 5 logo template you like, color and icons. Finally, it will generate a logo according to your favor. But that is not means you have to finish your logo designing. You could custom them with their extensive editor that you can edit the font, colors, background and other container options. It is quite simple to use and provides numerous extra design elements.

5. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings boasts that it allows users to make a logo in one minute or less. Admittedly, even you may create your logo within 1 min; it is a robust tool that should be concluded in the lists of useful logo generator.

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It allows you to create a unique final product that connects with the identity of your brand which will make your company different from others. The platform will ask you the name of your company and choose an icon. You can browse the numerous categories of royalty-free images, or search by a specific keyword if you know which icon you want.

The excellent function is that you preview your logo on several places, including computer screens, T-shirts, etc. That is really worth of display on this way for you are going to apply your logo on reality. Furthermore, what makes this service unique is that designate someone behind the GraphicSprings designing team to create a logo for you.

6. FreeLogoDesign

With Free Logo Design it is also straightforward to design a professional logo by its practical online editor.

You can get inspired by premade logos templates or start from scratch to which we can add text, forms, etc.

When finished, you can download the logo. Free Logo Design has its freemium version, but if you want a high-solution logo, just pay a small fee to get it.


High-quality logos do not have to be expensive. Small businesses and start-up companies for finance issue have to reduce the budget. Ensuring that you are investing your money in worthwhile sites is one of the keys to surviving this competitive business environment. Although having a logo designed by professionals is sometimes a necessary expense, you can achieve a similar effect by creating the logo yourself.

These five options are very cheap and easy to use, and they promise to help you create a logo that you will satisfy.

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