The Best Mobile Accessories For Students

We’ve all been a student at one point in time – that much is true. And while it is a fact that the needs of students change in each generation, it is unfair to compare your experiences with the struggle of today’s young ones. At one point in our studies, we’ve realized that there are things we need to have in order for our schooling to be more convenient. Things like bags, notebooks, pens, etc.

But the students of today are more technologically advanced than ever. Every student these days has a smartphone, and this device seems to be the focal point of everything – from note-taking to communication, even for reviews. In this article, we’ve collated the best mobile accessories that you can buy or gift the student in your life. Or if you’re a student reading this, here are some accessories you need to have:

Noise-Cancelling Wired or Wireless Headphones

Music has always been a great source of entertainment. But young people nowadays, especially students, use music for another entirely different purpose: studying. A lot of research around the world has proven that listening to soothing, classical music while studying can make the brain remember better, achieve expert reasoning, and improve its cognitive functions.

This is why if you’re the type of student who takes your studies seriously, a noise-canceling headphone is one of the best mobile accessories to have in your bag. Our recommendations? For wired headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-CLR100iSBK is the top choice. If you’re more into the wireless life, the Apple AirPods Pro is a no-brainer.

Power Brick

Smartphones are powered by batteries, and with extensive and everyday use, they lose their power quite fast. Bringing a power brick instead of your charger is more convenient because you don’t know if the classroom you’re having a class in has outlets or not. Plus, with power bricks, you can charge your phone in your bag, anytime, anywhere.

The best power bricks should contain enough power to charge your smartphone twice. It should also not weigh heavily, so there’s no strain when you carry it around in your bag the whole day. The iMuto 20,000mAH power bank is perfect in this case, with its simplistic design and small form factor. Plus, there’s a screen to let you know how much power you have left.

Cool Phone Case

Oh, phone cases. They may not be seen as a necessity, and sometimes they’re only used for style and fashion, but what all phone cases do is protect smartphones from the random nicks and scratches of everyday use. If you want your phone to be as pristine-looking as it can be, finding the best case should be the first order of your business.

If you’re about protection, look for heavy-duty materials like carbon fiber, tough plastic, even Kevlar. Expect these cases to add bulk to your phone so consider losing the convenience of putting your phone in your pocket. Silicone and leather cases are the best options for many. They provide ample protection from drops and potential cracks, all the while looking cool in many color options, patterns, and styles.


Sure, every student does not necessarily need a smartwatch, but that does not instantly mean it can’t make their lives better. Smartwatches are great for tracking physical activity as well as keeping abreast of the notifications that are coming in your phones while on a lecture. After all, if it is an emergency, you need to be informed about it instantly, wouldn’t you say?

For iOS users, there is no question about it: the Apple Watch Series 5 is the best smartwatch you can buy. If you’re strapped for cash, the older versions are not too shabby either. For Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a great steal. It also looks like a regular watch so you can pair it with anything.


These are just some of the necessities that you can buy if you have a student in the house. While it’s given that these accessories may not be as necessary as they could be, it improves the experience of the student in tackling their studies. It also affords them better connectivity, so they are more aware of what they’re doing wrong and what they can do better.

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