The Best Service to Find Someone’s Background Online

Not everyone is an employer who needs to verify whether an applicant to a position in their company went to Harvard as they claim. However, everyone has had a mysterious call from an unfamiliar number. How you wish you could just know who that stalker was. Or maybe not a stalker but someone you knew back in the day and no longer have their number. Well, the good news is you can know who the mystery caller is. Not just their name but much more if you choose the right background check service for the job.

A background check service is that which allows one to look up people’s records such as educational claims, employment histories, or criminal records.

The obvious question now begs; how do you choose the right background check service? Also, what makes a good background check service?

Not to worry, I asked myself the same question a while back. I went searching and even asked some of my friends. See, I have had quite some bad luck with hiring. I own a diner and every time I hire someone, they turn out to have something off. So it was of utmost importance and in my best interest that I find a good background check for my employees.

I hit the Jackpot on this one because I found a background check service that allows you to use the tiniest of information you have on someone to get the other details. CocoFinder. Most services have a few options of say using the name of a person to search but CocoFinder offers up to five ways you can search someone’s background online.

The Tech Times describes CocoFinder as the best option. According to an article they wrote, CocoFinder is described as having a huge database with a comprehensive directory to manage plenty of public record sources. It contains relevant information such as educational checks, employment history, references, and the individual’s complete life history. Tech Times also notes that CocoFinder ensures safety concerns that no one can access private data stored on services that enhance anonymity and privacy. CocoFinder also provides the results of a search in a few minutes. Tech Times describes it as next-gen technology with high-speed computing which is second to none.

How does CocoFinder Background Checker Work?

CocoFinder is quite easy to use. Did I mention that it is also free?! Once you find yourself in a situation where you need to run a background check on someone, just go to CocoFinder on your browser.

Once you are in, there are five ways that you can run your search; using the People search, Phone lookup, White pages, Address lookup, or Background check. The method you choose will depend on the information you already have.

Let’s take a look at each of these options.

People Search

People Search makes use of a person’s name to find out more information about the person. Information such as their criminal history, financial dues, court proceedings, addresses, and more can be gotten by just entering the person’s first and last name. CocoFinder People Search will give you information like current residents, court records, criminal records, addresses, landline numbers, age, traffic records, scam/fraud ratings, financial records, business details, and lien records. There is an option to enter the city and or state in the case where you have the details.

Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup is the process of searching for a person’s name and identity by just keying in their number. This can be the number of someones known to you and more information is needed or just a number that called your number and need to know whom it belongs to. CocoFinder Phone Lookup will give you information like a person’s identity, address, acquaintances, alternate phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. There are instances where you find a missed call from an unfamiliar number. You may also have a stranger who is always calling your number and getting to your nerves. The phone lookup option is what you need. Just enter the number and let CocoFinder do the rest.

White Pages

White Pages can be seen as a modern version of the conventional phonebook. It can provide the details of a person such as their name and how to contact them through address and phone number. Not to be confused with yellow pages, White Pages are used to find people registered on a phone network in a given area. Yellow pages on the other hand is a collection of commercial businesses and professionals in an area.

The white pages option on CocoFinder helps you track your old friends, connect to local business owners, find information on acquaintances, and so on.

Address Lookup

Address Lookup uses an address to find out a property’s current and previous owners or tenants. Information that can be gotten from running a Reverse Address Lookup includes the name, phone numbers, age, social media profiles, relatives, and criminal records of current and former tenants.

Background Check

A background check is a general search for when you have the name of a person. The background search service offers the following information: The background search service should show the criminal history, the charges, and documentation of any served or serving sentences. You can also search and confirm the educational background and see if they carry the qualifications they claim.

In Conclusion

Background checks have become necessary over the years. People are always out to try and take shortcuts while others want to hide some dark past. You might need to do a simple background check on a prospective relationship partner, for you or your loved one, or a thorough background check on an employee. All in all, you will need a good background check service.

For me, the best background check service is CocoFinder.

When doing a background check on someone, make up a list of specifics you want to know about that person. Do not search blindly. CocoFinder uses various options and you should choose the one best suited for your intended results.

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